How Does the Copywriting Service Work?

Copywriter Today was created so that people around the world could spend less time worrying about content creation and more time focusing on their business.

How Does It Work?

We created Copywriter Today so that people all around the world could spend less time worrying about content creation and more time focusing on growing their business.

Back in my early years as an entrepreneur I used to build a lot of websites and mobile apps (I still build a few here and there) and the biggest challenge I discovered was that my wonderful clients struggled to create content once we built out the structure of the site.

Either they didn’t have the time or they didn’t have the passion that is required to write successful content.

In that moment I realized that we could solve a huge problem for business owners around the world by simply writing their content for them. In the early days (back in 2007) we had custom writing packages that cost at $1,500 all the way up to $5,000 for a single website!

The good news is that today we’ve created a process that allows us to offer incredible value at a great price for business owners of any stage.

After writing custom content for nearly 7 years I decided to create a completely streamlined process that allows anyone to have the content that they deserve. So in the beginning of 2014 we launched our subscription, pay for access, content writing service.

Today you can subscribe and get access to our all United States based writing team for as low as $179 per month (when you subscribe for the year). Or you can get started for just $247 per month and use the service month to month without any commitment. This fee covers all the writing costs for the month. There are no hidden fees.

Where Do These Writers Come From?

Having written millions of words myself, I decided that a customized training and onboarding process was the only way to ensure that I could guarantee the quality that you deserve, so that’s exactly what I created.

As I write this we have over 50 writers on our team (with a few more being added each week). All of our writers go through an extensive application and training process that includes 16 hours of training and a 30 day trial period before we put them on your team. We also verify that they are native English speakers and reside in the United States.

While we love working with clients from all around the world, we’ve learned that we can provide the best possible content by making this a requirement for our writer team.

How Does the Pricing Work?

When we first created Copywriter Today we realized that there were two standards in the industry:

  • Charging per word
  • Charging per article

The more we looked at this the more we realized that it would be a challenge for both our clients and our writers. If you charge in the traditional manner, the cost can quickly go up, and the writers have sporadic work (which doesn’t help long term quality improve).

So we decided to do something very different!

We realized that we could create an affordable and high value subscription that would solve both problems. Our solution would:

  • Give our clients a fixed monthly cost that they could plan for and
  • Give our writers steady work they could depend on

This principal difference in our service allows us to recruit and retain some of the best writers out there and also provide a great solution for the businesses we work with. Instead of charging per word or per article, each content type has a simple turn around time associated with it. You can see them all here on our FAQ page where you can see the business days it takes to research, write, and return each order type to you.

Here’s a simple example to show you how it works:

Imagine you sign up, login, and place two 400 word articles in your order queue today. When we receive those orders, we assign them out to your customized writing team. The first article will be returned in two business days, and then we move onto the next one which takes an additional two business days. So overall, two 400 word orders takes a total span of four business days to complete. That’s the simple process that allows us to dedicate thorough research and writing time to each order.

Need more than one article worked on at a time, or a high volume of content each month? That’s no problem at all. You can have as many order accounts as you want with one easy to use master login (with three or more accounts you receive our maximum discounted pricing). Just call us for details now at (888) 485-8149.

What Packages Do You Offer?

Copywriter Today provides three different levels of service for our clients based on your personal needs. Choose the one that works for you and know that you can adjust your package at anytime.

Editorial Team

The Copywriter Today Editorial Team package (as low as $365 per month with an annual commitment) includes everything from the Writing Team level, plus all these valuable features:

  • Up to 8 total orders in queue
  • Our professionally trained editors do a second review and edit of the content
  • Monthly strategy calls as requested by you
  • Expedited priority and support for revisions and other requests

Autopilot Team

The Copywriter Today Autopilot Team package (as low as $465 per month with an annual commitment) includes everything from the Writing Team and Editorial Team packages and also includes the following premium features:

  • Up to 16 orders in queue
  • Our creative team pitches content ideas as needed to you every month
  • We post your orders into your account for you
  • We post the completed orders to your WordPress website (or similarly easy to use CMS)
  • Scheduled monthly strategy calls are planned for each month to ensure you are receiving the best content possible

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