How Can You Craft Content a Consumer Will Value?

by Gabe Arnold

When running any marketing campaign, your first priority should be providing the consumer with content that will make their lives better, whether they interact with your brand or not. Your brand’s reputation for being an industry leader and an authoritative source will help you gain more business from new clients, attract new business partners and help you feel ethical and successful in your own practices.

Businesses that focus on aggressive sales tactics will never be as valued as those who put the consumer’s needs first. If you are putting the right kind of content out there, potential customers will find you themselves. Once you’ve helped them by answering a relevant question they needed to know, or by providing a useful guide to something, they will be sure to take notice of your brand name, even if for just a moment.

Creating valuable content is easier said than done, however. Without the proper experience creating content marketing pieces and promoting them in an effective way, navigating this stage of your company’s promotion can be difficult. Thankfully, at Copywriter Today we have years of experience doing just that!

Our team is dedicated to finding what relevant information and services you have to offer the public, which we then use to help you create valuable content that will help your consumer base explode! If you’re ready to start increasing the visibility and profitability of your brand, please get in contact today.

To help you understand the benefits you will gain by signing with Copywriter Today, here is a list of 3 tips for creating content a consumer will value:

1. Find a Niche

Thousands of pieces of marketable content is being uploaded to the internet every hour, so it is imperative to your content marketing campaigns success that your content fills a niche for your target audience. Simply putting out a guide on “how to pick the right dog shampoo” might gain some attention, put doing a piece that is a tad more specific can help attract a much more defined target audience to your website.

The more specific your content becomes, the more likely you are to gain the exact customers you’re searching for. However, never go so specific that keywords become obscure and irrelevant.

2. Keep it Short

Nobody enjoys being forced to read a book-length article just to gain a simple piece of information. If anything, this will just encourage people to skim your content and be frustrated in their search for the information you are attempting to provide them. Frustration is the furthest feeling you want them to associate with your brand, so always avoid this practice!

Think of it this way, instead of just keeping it short, keep the length appropriate instead. If you are doing a post on the best 10 sites to use for movie recommendations, keep each spot on the list to a maximum of two paragraphs. Ideally, however, you want a person to find the information they are looking for in 5 minutes or less. Any longer and you risk the chance of the person becoming frustrated, leaving your website, and developing a negative image of your brand within their mind. Word spreads, so make sure that you only have the best word of mouth out there surrounding your brand’s reputation!

3. Don’t Use Overblown Language

Not everyone is an expert in the industry your brand specializes in. Keeping the vocabulary of your content marketing pieces in layman’s terms is a great way to ensure you do not alienate potential customers. When your business is something very complicated, such as maintenance, this is particularly important, as you want the customer to feel confident in your ability to provide them services.

Now that you have seen some of the strategies we use to ensure your content is of value to your target consumer base, why not give us a call? Still not convinced that Copywriter Today is right for your business practices? Try out our risk-free, 7-day free trial to see if we are right for your company!

If your feeling confused on where to start with your content marketing campaign, please contact us and set up a free consultation. We can walk you through every step of targeting your current marketing practices down to a point where they are sure to be successful and worth your investment. We look forward to doing business with you!

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