How a Content Marketing Services Company Can Help Your Business

by Gabe Arnold

If you own or run a business, you should be familiar with content marketing. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s high time you get yourself immersed in it – your business will thank you for it.

Content marketing is basically advertising, though it’s done through internet-based means, such as; social media, blogs, or click advertising. Most people are on the internet on a daily basis, and for several hours a day. Creating a quality content marketing solution for your business will help you to reach those potential customers quicker.

A content marketing agency manages strategies, production and sharing of online materials (content) to the proper audience on your behalf. You’ll notice that we said “to the proper audience,” that’s because content marketing is different from mass marketing.

Mass marketing is sending marketing materials to everyone in a particular zone. Content marketing finds out who your audience is and markets only to those customers, which will help generate more leads and get the sales you need.

What Types of Content Marketing Exists?

There are several types of content marketing for you to take advantage of, some of the most used types include:

  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Videos; educational, how-to, product demo, testimonials
  • Infographics and other media

How Does Content Marketing Reach Customers?

Most people are visual learners, which allows them to process information easier through pictures than through words. That’s why infographics, photos (jpeg, gifs) charts and graphs are highly used.

Think about your daily searches, perhaps you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes. So you do an online search for the best running shoes. Once you’ve finished, you log into Facebook and the next thing you know, there are pictures of running shoes – how do they do that? This is the best type of marketing, as it is easily shared and even easier to consume.

And these days people are a bit on the impatient side, that’s where the term “instant gratification” comes from. They want an answer to something, and they want that answer now. Watching videos allows them to get that answer quickly. Allowing customers to see the content through videos, as well as listening rather than reading, serves a purpose and solves a problem at the same time.

Content Marketing Service Companies

Determining who is your online audience, creating the proper content, and tracking the data to be sure your strategy is working takes a lot of time and knowledge. That’s where a content marketing service company comes in.

Utilizing a company that specializes in content marketing will allow you to save money. There are a wide variety of approaches to content marketing, as well as the varying types of content. And what works for one company, may not work for another.

There are many advantages to utilizing a company to service your content marketing, these advantages include:

  • Cost Savings: When compared to paying salaries, insurance and benefits to a team of people, a service company will save you money overall.
  • Specialized Experts: A service agency can provide you with the experts you need to meet your specific needs.
  • Better Content: Service agencies can produce better content because that’s all they do all day, and for a myriad of clients, allowing them to widen their range of expertise.
  • Vested Interest: A service agency won’t call off sick and are more adept at meeting deadlines.

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Agency

Deciding which content marketing agency to hire is a matter of having a plan. And before you decide on a service agency, define why you’re choosing them. This will help you feel more confident in your decision. Your plan should include the following factors:

  • Determine your budget: You have to know what you can afford before you even begin to think about hiring an outside agency.
  • Check the reviews: Visit their website for testimonials or search for online reviews of their company.
  • Size them up: Check to see if the size of your business is close to the size of the content marketing service agency. Choosing one that matches is important, as you want to utilize a company that can handle your needs.

Ultimately, your goal in choosing a service company to handle your content marketing is to improve your brand and its awareness, expand the overall reach of your website, convert more leads into sales, build customer loyalty, and provide a solution for your customers.

A business that utilizes content marketing is six times more likely to increase their conversion rates than those that don’t use it. But if you’re unsure if using a service company is right for you, simply give them a try before you “buy.” Ask for a shorter contract time, like a six-month contract, so that you can see if it’s a good fit for your business.

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