How 5 Hours of Work Creates $10,000 in Revenue (and upsets 5 prospects)

by Gabe Arnold

Content marketing is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most powerful and valuable trust-building tool available to businesses today. Even though I know this is true, I meet so many people who are afraid of it. Why would you be afraid of something that can convert into the highest long-term value in your marketing world?

I guarantee you that I can double your opt-ins and revenue if you simply take action and contact me today.

Yes – I have realized that people are afraid of content marketing. However, I’m going to show you why you should love it and why you shouldn’t be afraid!

Step One: Don’t Be Afraid to Look Stupid

Guess what – I look stupid sometimes! Sometimes I completely fail in my targeting or getting my message across. This doesn’t mean that I should give up. Every time I try a new campaign four things happen:

  1. Some people respond with a giant “screw you!” message and tell me I am a terrible person for using direct marketing techniques with my content. The stats are about one in a thousand for that message, or around a tenth of a percent.
  2. Most people totally ignore me.
  3. Around 2% of people respond.
  4. Of the 2% response rate, 2% buy from me.

On average, each email blast/blog post I write for a single narrow niche, with a list size of 5,000 or less, generates around $10,000 in revenue for me. It takes me less than an hour to write the message, another 2-4 hours to set up any other back-end pieces of the campaign and a single click to hit send.

Let’s say I spend 5 hours total on that campaign. This means for every hour I spent, I generated $2,000 out of that niche. I work on 5-10 niches a week because it pays off big time in new leads and closed sales.

I am going through the metrics so that you understand why I don’t worry about looking stupid or failing when I try new ideas and neither should you in your content marketing campaign. If you aren’t actively marketing to your list and building new lists, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

Step Two: Write All the Time (or hire a writer)

Today I am going to share with you my ultimate secret weapon when it comes to becoming a better writer. Are you ready? Click here.

Ok, you might be disappointed, surprised or upset with the secret weapon. Sorry, but this is how I became a good writer.

So you can either use my secret weapon or you can hire a writer. Either way, you need to create a lot of good content and keep it flowing. When you hire a writer, you will need to lead them by giving them direction on which topics to write about.

One way to get your creative juices flowing is to use this free headline creation tool to jump-start the process. Even though you may not use the headlines exactly as they come back, they will start to get you thinking about how to position your topics in your industry, in a catchy way.

Step Three: Be Brave and Click Send!

First of all – make sure you are using Mailchimp for your email marketing. There is really nothing else on the market that compares.

That being said, DO NOT bcc a bunch of people from your regular email account. This will put you in email hell. Even with great, free tools like Mailchimp, I still see people doing that and it makes me sick. They don’t realize that they are permanently damaging their deliverability rates.

Once you have content is written and your email campaign setup up through good email software, send a test, read it out loud and then click send!

Now, rinse and repeat. Start the process over and work your way up to sending 2-3 times a week at least. You don’t have to be afraid of the unsubscribe button and you have GOT to be more aggressive if you want to see results from your content marketing.


Now that you’ve gotten a taste of how much you could make from content marketing, you need to take action.

Get started right now and do it yourself or call or text me: (888) 485-8149

Contact CopywriterToday!

Just stop waiting around. Nothing good will happen from inaction.

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