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You might want to hire a copywriter after reading this post, because what they do makes the world go ‘round.

Most of the written words that most people see every day are actually what’s called copy.

That means those words have a purpose, and that purpose is for those readers to take action. Usually that action will involve wallets being opened. That’s right- copy is, essentially, sales writing. It’s more than just advertising. Copy is meant to help its readers know what’s for sale, why it will be beneficial to buy it, and who’s offering it, with a call to action.

1. The Main Point First

That call to action is the crux of the copywriter’s job. It’s certainly important to grab the reader’s attention right from the start, but it all comes down to a point of purchase.

Getting attention quickly is so important because people on the internet have a very different way of reading than those who read books, newspapers, and magazines. Online readers tend to scan the page in an “F” pattern, noticing mostly headlines and main points throughout the content.

Good copywriters take advantage of that naturally developed pattern and arrange their material accordingly. A good, well-written and catchy headline at the top of the page increases the chances that any of the body of the content will also be read, if the reader feels it will be interesting.

That’s a key aspect as well: copy is much more concerned with keeping the reader’s interest than that of the writer or whoever commissioned the copy. The point is to make a sale, not to appeal to the seller’s vanity.

The best copy is much less about the product, and much more about the customer. The customer’s lifestyle, their choices, their desires; all are what copy tries to appeal to. Good copy shows a potential customer that the product in question can give them the power to achieve the sort of life they hope for.

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