Five Things You Can’t Afford to Get Wrong About Copywriting

by Gabe Arnold

Copywriting is not as simple as it seems. Between conducting quality research, implementing SEO strategies and writing top-notch copy, it requires time, effort and knowledge. No matter your writing experience, there are certain things every copywriter needs to know to produce the best content. Here are five points you can’t afford to get wrong about copywriting. 

Not Writing for Mobile Users

Many people use mobile devices to browse the latest articles these days. How does that affect copywriting? Mobile screens are smaller, pushing your text into longer columns. To improve readability, keep your paragraphs short and sweet. 

The average attention span for mobile users is as low as 1.7 seconds. So it is crucial to keep your audience engaged. Users do not want to see long paragraphs and wordy sentences. If your content is not engaging, they will keep scrolling to another article. 

Not Utilizing SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. One of the biggest components of SEO is keyword research. Using certain keywords commonly used by your audience, you can drive more traffic to your website. Where do these keywords go? A great place to put them is in your copy. 

Blogs are a great example. Say you write a blog about website design tips, and use keywords like “web design” “HTML” or “WordPress”. Writers add the keywords throughout the copy. Adding keywords allows your blog to pop up in Google’s search results when someone searches for website design tips. 

Making Assumptions

Using excess jargon is typically frowned upon in copywriting. While some audiences will know exactly what you are talking about, you cannot assume that everyone will. Utilizing clear and concise language is the best way to diversify your audience. Not only will your articles be easier to read, but they will also be more accessible to new readers. If you have to use jargon, take time to explain it so users can understand. 

Being Too Formal

Copywriting is much different than writing an essay for English class. In most cases, there is no need for flowery language and immaculate grammar. In fact, the simpler the language, the better! Do not be afraid to keep your writing casual. Crack a joke, tell a story and use your emotions. Think of your copy as a conversation, rather than a sales pitch. The bottom line is keeping your audience engaged, and you are not going to do that with a boring, stiff copy. 

Not Including a CTA

Your Call-to-Action (CTA) is the cherry on top of your copy. The CTA tells the reader what to do next, and is often the whole point of writing the copy. Not including a CTA is like writing an essay without a conclusion paragraph. 

Not only does it tie your copy together, but it also allows you to steer the reader in your direction. Examples like “contact us today” or “give us a call” are great ways to invite readers to engage with you.  

High-Quality Content with Copywriter Today

Those are the 5 points you can’t afford to get wrong about copywriting. Our expert copywriters are ready to deliver high-quality content for you. Contact us today for all your copywriting needs and get your first article for free.

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