Five Bad Habits Writers Need to Quit Before They’re Ruined

by Gabe Arnold

As a writer, there are certain guidelines you should follow to write the highest-quality content. Copywriting comes with its share of bad habits and can impact your writing if not corrected. Avoiding these bad habits of writers make you better at writing and make your clients happy. 

Using Passive Voice

A common mistake made by almost any copywriter is using passive voice. Passive voice reduces the impact of what you are trying to say while making your content wordy. Active voice works well for marketing since it is cleaner and gets to the point.  

Get to the Point

When selling a product, you have to make it easy for the customer to understand and purchase your product. The same principle applies to copywriting. You must engage your readers as soon as possible to keep them interested in what you are trying to say. Wordy sentences and passive voice will make your content seem long-winded and difficult to read. 

Unnecessary Jargon

Whenever possible, avoid using terms or phrases that only pertain to people in the industry you are writing for. Many companies use blog posts and web content to bring in new clients and reach a wider audience. Try using words that can be understood by anyone or can be explained with a simple definition. 

Robot Voice

When writing copy, it is easy for your content to seem sterile and robot-like. In most cases, it is okay to loosen up your language and be more conversational. You should still use active voice and be grammatically correct. 


No matter the client, it is crucial for each article you write to have a call-to-action at the end. The call-to-action comes in the conclusion paragraph, ties everything together and gives you a chance to promote your client’s products, services or website. You can add links or provide contact information for your client. 

Top-Notch Content with Copywriter Today

No matter what kind of business you run, you want to ensure that your written content is of the highest quality by avoiding these bad habits of writers. At Copywriter Today, our experienced writers are here to help you grow your business by providing top-notch quality writing for your website, blog, podcast or social media pages. Contact us today to learn more about our writing services. 

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