Empower Your Email Copy by Eliminating These Three Bad Habits

by Gabe Arnold

Email copy is one of your most powerful communication tools. Don’t allow this tool to work against you. Empower your voice by eliminating three harmful email habits:

Failing to Consider Your Clients

Don’t let your copy end up pushing your clients away. Take time to consider your audience and think like a potential customer. Avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Sending too much, too often. Find ways to tailor your messages to those who need them. Don’t send introductory emails to loyal customers or copy best suited for a target audience. 
  • Being sloppy. Don’t insult your recipients with misspellings, texting slang or incorrect information. Consider hiring an editor to proofread and critique the copy you are producing.
  • Not being mindful. Figure out what is and isn’t working. If you are getting no responses from your blogs or product information, then change things up. Try a fresh approach.

Causing Confusion through Unclear Communication

Remember that every word counts. Your message should be bold, clear, and direct. Bolster these critical points to clarify and energize your message:

  • Secure your subject line. The goal of a subject line is for your email to be opened. Don’t waste the opportunity by writing ambiguous, ordinary subject lines. Infuse a sense of excitement, evoke curiosity and elicit a response with descriptive, action-oriented titles.
  • Solidify the message from the start. Your clients are busy people. Respect their time by getting to the point within the first paragraph. Reach their pain points and offer a solution that invites a response.
  • Empower your ending with a clear call to action. Allow clients to respond effortlessly with a quick reply or through links to your products or services. Include deadlines that encourage decisiveness.

Overwhelming Your Clients With a Wall of Words

Too much text will cause your clients to tire and move on. Carefully edit your emails to allow your central message to shine through:

  • Cut out unnecessary, weighty text. Eliminate long paragraphs and replace them with bullet points that are easy to scan and digest. 
  • Infuse meaningful graphics that support and clarify your message. Invest time and energy in your visuals.
  • Include ways to interact with your email copy to establish two-way communication. Develop a continuing dialogue and listen to the feedback that you receive.

Writing stellar email copy is both an art and a science. Turn to the experts of Copywriter Today to help you strike the perfect balance. Contact us today as a first step in creating copy that produces unstoppable results.

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