Do You Know What’s Right? 10 Wrong Answers to Common Copywriting Questions

by Gabe Arnold

It’s time to sort facts from fiction as we explore some truly bad answers to common copywriting questions.

Who needs copywriting?

Major corporations with big ad budgets.

Except …

Any business running online ads, content strategies, email campaigns, and any other digital marketing effort can expand its reach. Professional copywriting can affect the market opportunities, lead generation, and revenue growth for even the smallest local businesses.

Is there a difference between content writing and copywriting?

Nope, they’re pretty much the same thing.

Except …

Content writing includes longer informational work while copywriting is usually shorter, persuasive writing geared toward a particular audience. If you’re trying to increase rankings and resonate with readers, choose copywriters. They can often write content too.

Where do we find copywriting?

Fancy ads and emails that drive people to buy.

Except …

Copywriting shows its value in more than marketing emails and paid ads. Websites, e-books, blogs, and more can also drive action with clever copy.

How long does copywriting take?

A couple of hours — tops.

Except …

Through poor research and regurgitating someone else’s content, you can knock out 1,000 words in no time. But with enough lead time, copywriters can have several days to craft unique, insightful, and compelling content.

What skills define a “good” copywriter?

Writing, plain and simple.

Except …

Unlike the college English paper, copywriting needs more than clean, error-free writing. SEO knowledge, research skills, and CMS experience are just a few of the major skills a quality copywriter needs.

Should copywriters write for several industries or just one?

All of them, you get more opportunities!

Except …

Writers with deep experience in one or two topics can write more usable and powerful copy for those industries. For higher quality and more valuable writing, niche experts have more to offer.

Should I outsource copywriting for my business?

It’s just writing. You can do it yourself.

Except …

How much is your time worth? Do you fully appreciate the difference a professional can make? Having professionals manage your communications gives you more time to run your business and provides consistently positive ROI.

What is a reasonable copywriter rate?

Rates should be cheap, about $20 for a 500-word article.

Except …

Copywriting companies often give package deals at affordable rates, but expert freelance copywriters can charge up to $200/hour. If it means better Google rankings, more hits, and sales increases, those higher amounts can be well worth it.

How do I choose a copywriter?

If they’re within budget, any copywriter will do.

Except …

Staying within budget is obviously crucial. But, can the writers you’re considering produce results for your niche? Can they fit your brand style and content schedule? What other skills do they bring to the table?

Do copywriters do more than writing?

Copywriters can handle the words but little else.

Except …

Copywriters trying to add value are well-versed in research, SEO techniques, web publication, and even graphic and web design. Being able to manage more of the marketing takes the pressure off of clients and creates more attractive service packages.

If you think hiring a copywriter may be the answer to your problems, you are probably right. Contact the experts at Copywriter Today to see how we can help your business.

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