The Copywriter Today Customer Success Guide

Hi there! The entire team at Copywriter Today welcomes you! All of us, including the 50+ writers across the United States, our editors, our account managers and our owner Gabe, are excited to put our words to work for you.

Every one of us takes our jobs and individual responsibilities seriously, and we are well aware that we are successful when your content is a success! To give you the best possible service — and content — we have developed a success guide so you know exactly what to expect in the first months of our business relationship. This guide not only gives you the ability to keep us accountable, it also prepares you for every step of our system.

The content that describes and advertises your business or brand is one of the most significant investments you’ll make. We are thrilled you are allowing us to be a part of your business growth. Use this guide to get off to a strong start, or, if you already have a plan of action, just refer to this for ideas and inspiration!

Kickoff Call with Your Account Manager

Within a few days of signing up,  expect to spend about 30 minutes on a one-on-one call with your personal account manager. Feel free to place a few orders before this call. (Unless you are on our Autopilot Team plan, in which case we will place these orders for you right after the kickoff call.) Your kickoff call provides your manager with the information he or she needs to build the best writing team for your business.

On the call, you will discuss the short- and long-term goals of your business, specifics about what you do, and detailed information about the focus of your content. Your manager may ask you to email information for your writing team. This could include, but isn’t limited to:

  • An FAQ page from your website about your products or services.
  • A previous blog post that demonstrates the writing style or voice you’d like for your content.
  • Style guides, content calendars and other references and resources that will help your writing team get to know your business.

You’ll also go over the specific goals for and purpose of your content.

  • Are you preparing to open a new location or expand your business?
  • Do you want to increase the amount of traffic that visits your website?
  • Do you want to generate more leads to increase your sales?
  • What is the exact type of content you need?
  • Do you want a team to create blog posts for your business on a regular schedule?
  • Are you looking for more detailed content, such as an e-book or authority guide?
  • Do you need a fresh and creative email sequence developed?

This information is vital to your account manager when he or she is selecting the writers who make up your personal writing team. Your manager builds your team with writers who are familiar with your industry or field and who are experts with the type of content you need. We strive to put together a team of writers who can focus their attention on your workload and provide you with the best content for what you want to accomplish.

Month One

Week One

In your first week, you’ll place one or two orders. Typically, these are either 400- or 800-word articles. Within the first week, you will receive at least one of these shorter articles back. Depending on the order size and the length of time between orders, you may even receive the second order. Learn more about how long each order will take with our order calculator.

After the kickoff call, your account manager spends time with your personal writing team, going over the exact details of what you want in your content. Each member of the team will read the material you sent over and research your business to learn about its message. Our team members use this information to put meaningful and powerful words into your brand’s content.

Week Two

By the beginning of the second week, you should receive both your first and second orders for review, if you placed them the week before and if they are shorter articles. Take some time to really analyze the content and send specific and detailed feedback to your manager. Be as forthright, honest and detailed as possible. Positive and critical feedback are keys to a successful relationship!

  • What did you expect to be different about the content?
  • Do the style and voice of the content match what you are looking for?
  • What would you like to see changed?
  • What did you love?
  • What do you want to see again?

Communicating in the beginning is worth it long term. It allows you to spend more time focusing on growing and expanding your business, adding to the value of working with Copywriter Today.

Detailed feedback shows your writing team exactly what you expect. The extra 10- or 15-minute phone call or detailed email now will pay off in the long run. Our writers will take that feedback and make revisions to the copy — we want you to be completely satisfied with your content!

Revisions are a part of the process. Your writing team is new to your business. Our goal, always, is to deliver the content you order, exactly how you want it. It might take two to three weeks before we perfect your team of writers.

In the second week, your writing team is still researching your business, its identity and character. We need to hone in on exactly what makes you stand out in your market so that your content reflects those unique traits.

Week Three

By the end of  your third week, you should have placed and received back your third, and possibly fourth, orders. The number of revisions and the amount of time to discuss them decreases with each order. Detailed feedback and open communication with your account manager are still vital to preparing content that meets your needs. We always encourage feedback so we can continue to improve the product you receive.

This is also a good time to talk with your account manager about your long-term goals. What do you want to accomplish in the next two months? A phone call with your manager can help connect your content goals with the information writers need to create your content.

Week Four

As your first month of working with us comes to an end, you should have at least four completed orders. As the team of writers has learned more about your voice, style and content goals, and completed revisions to fine-tune the copy, you will notice drastic changes to the flow as you move forward.

You should start to receive content that requires minimal additional work and touch-ups. The open communication with your manager is still important, but the time you spend on the phone or emailing your account manager should decrease.

Month Two

Week Five

With your second month underway, the process of ordering and receiving your content flows without any hiccups. Your personal writing team understands the voice and writing style you look for and the message you want to deliver throughout each article. A few revisions every once in a while are completely normal, and you should see fewer with each order.

Keep the communication lines open with your manager. As you learn about developments and shifts in your industry, let your manager know. The team of writers will incorporate this information, whether it’s directly mentioned in the content or as a frame of reference for future pieces. Your content will return as you expect it, ready to be put to good use.

Week Six

Everyone is on the same page when it comes to developing your content — now is the time to increase the length of the content you order. When you double the length of your orders, your audience and website visitors start looking to you as the go-to person for the latest news and information within your field.

By giving your writers more words to work with, you allow them add more details to the content they create for you. Longer content takes just a little more time to deliver — and the results are well worth the small amount of additional time that is needed.

Week Seven

Hopefully you’ve ordered and received one or two longer articles. Spend a little time this week discussing the results of this longer content with your account manager.

Did we provide the right details and information with the extra word count? Is there anything missing that could make this longer content more productive for you? Communicate any issues with the longer articles to your account manager. This is the perfect time to make adjustments that will make your content as valuable as possible.

Week Eight

As the second month winds down, your longer articles will need minimal revisions. Now that you have increased the length of the articles you order, the number of people reading your content increases, and your audience grows regularly. You start to become a popular source within your industry. It’s time to start thinking about a completely different style of content.

Month Three

Week Nine

Talk with your manager about ordering an e-book or an authority guide, which will set you apart from your competition. Before your personal writing team starts writing this in-depth content, your manager will recommend placing an order for an outline.

This content has significantly more information than your previous articles. Spending some time preparing the exact information and highlights you want in the article. Be thorough — this content plays a major role in setting you apart from your competitors.

Once you’ve received the outline, go over the details with your account manager.

Week 10

Now that you have your e-book underway, it’s time to increase and engage your followers with an email sequence.

Prepare for the conversation with your account manager by considering the goals of your email marketing campaign. Here are some important decisions to make now.

  1. What is the overall goal of your email sequence? What is the objective your business looks to accomplish?
  2. How long would you like your email campaign to last? They typically run anywhere from a week to two months.
  3. How often do you plan to email to the people on your list? The duration of the campaign plays a significant role in this decision.

When it comes to email campaigns, these are our recommendations:

  • If your email campaign lasts between five and 10 days, you’ll generally want to send out an email everyday.
  • If your campaign ranges from 10 to 17 days, an email every other day might be more effective.
  • Any length of time over two and a half weeks typically works best with one or two emails sent out weekly.

Week 11

This week, your completed, revised ebook should be ready-to-go. Send out the first email of your sequence to the names you collected for your list.

It’s also time to order a press release. Ideally, the press release references your e-book or authority piece, but it can also promote another product or service your business offers. The release provides the specific details you want the consumer to know about the product or service before you release the e-book, guide, product or service.

Week 12

Look at all that’s been accomplished in your first three months with Copywriter Today! You’ve created content that establishes you as a leader. You’ve published longer authority pieces. You’ve sent out emails that encourage and engage your readers, and have developed a press release to reach even more people.

Now is a great time to order a 2,000-word blog post that tells readers about the changes you made in the last few months and shares any new offers you have available for them.

It is also time to establish new goals for the content you order for the next three months.

  • Do you have any new products or special offers coming?
  • What differences are there now compared to three months ago when it comes to the keywords in your particular industry?
  • What can you start doing with content that puts you ahead of your competition?

These are just a few of the areas to consider while preparing for the next three months with Copywriter Today. We look forward to watching you succeed. In fact, we plan on writing about it!

Do you have more questions? Contact your account manager! If you’re not a customer, get started today with a free consultation.