Copywriting Services: The Complete List of Content Tasks

by Gabe Arnold

Copywriting services come in multiple forms, and you should be utilizing them all. This article highlights some of the most common copywriting services you should be utilizing for your business.


Blogging is one of the most trusted sources of information on the internet. For your blogs to be among the best, they should be consistent, of high quality and written in an authoritative tone to build trust with viewers. Some of the copywriter services needed to show stronger results for blogging include:

Keyword Research

This is a valuable copywriting service you should be using. When you don’t do keyword research, it’s difficult to get the results you want. When you target the right keywords it can mean a big difference in getting traffic that results in high levels of engagement to hearing nothing but crickets. 

Usually, keyword research involves searching for terms that are well known in your industry and finding long-tail keyword variations of those terms. They should hit the right mix for keyword difficulty, relevancy and search volume. This requires knowledge of the industry and understanding what high-return on investment keywords look like. It also requires being able to analyze keyword data to rank high in google searches.

Audience and Topic Research

To give your onsite blogging that high level of personal reach and power you want it to have, you need audience and topic research. Audience research helps to determine your main target audience. In the process, you learn a lot about them and can write to fulfill their needs.

Topic research involves learning the types of content your target audience wants to read. This way, you’re not just pulling topics from out of nowhere. You’ve taken the time to know your audience so your topics will include the knowledge you know about your industry, brand and your audience. From there, you work outward to connect to your audience.

When including audience topic and research, you always know you’re writing to the right audience and that you know you’re writing about things they want to know more about. This is how you give your audience information that resonates with them on a personal level and it eventually gets you your ideal buyer. 

Starter Blogs – Shorter Expert Pieces

If you want to establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry, build trust with your audience and get backlinks. Onsite blogging is the best way to accomplish this. Blogs are essential to content marketing. Blogging great content continuously and consistently is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site and get leads.

For your blogs to be of great content, they need to contain expert, cutting-edge knowledge that’s up-to-date. Your content should have consistent relevant statistics and studies. As an expert in the industry, your blog writer needs to speak to different audiences on a personal level. The writing should be accurate and command authority on the topic so your brand’s voice resonates with little effort. 

Your blogs should be informative, useful, and the audience should be able to easily pin them to their pain points.  

Authority Blogs – Skyscraper Pieces

Authoritative blogs are important for building trust, so your readers will always see you as an expert in your field. This is important because people don’t trust everything they read on the internet. More and more, they’re finding more scams and fake news articles. They want to know where they can go to find trustworthy information.

Authoritative, long-form blogs help build that trust for years to come. They provide the depth and breadth that readers are looking for on a relevant topic, written by an authority in the industry. The content should seamlessly align with your brand, backed with facts, studies and current research. This writing is also supported by the long-tail keyword research that will put it high in the rankings. 

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a key part of content strategy and should never be taken lightly. The main types you need as a marketer include:

Social Media Copy for Each Platform

It’s essential to post consistently on your various platforms, and your brand should be connecting with your audience, regardless of the platform you use. But not each platform is the same and requires different standards. Depending on the platform you use (FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), you need to know how to write for it.

Branded Images

Images play a huge role in social media posts, and custom, branded images that accompany your posts get your posts the attention they deserve.

Web Pages

Your website is crucial for getting your potential customer where they need to be. Each page offers an opportunity to get that person closer to the ultimate destination conversion. So here are the copywriting services most beneficial in creating the types of pages that will easily help potential customers cross over and convert.

SEO Keywords for Your Web Pages

Keywords aren’t just important for your blogs. You also need them throughout your website. Your website needs to go through a process of optimization to get high rankings in Google searches. This means researching industry terms and knowing the most common phrases that resonate with your target audience because that is how they find you.

Key Landing Pages

Every single page, whether it’s a home page, about page, or something else, needs to be optimized for SEO. Your target audience is looking for you, and once they find you based on your SEO optimization, it’s important for your pages to show themselves as a leader in the industry and for your brand’s voice and tone to be consistent throughout. 

Service-Specific SEO Landing Pages

When a potential customer clicks on one of your links, they land on an SEO landing page. This is a page where a viewer can learn more about your site. It all starts when a potential customer searches for something within your industry and finds you. But this doesn’t happen without well-researched SEO for the optimization of your website. 

Email Content

Over four billion people still use email, so a majority of marketers use email content in their marketing strategy. This will have them receive a good ROI for their investment. So, email is still a great way to use copywriting services. But you have to use it the right way. One of the ways is to incorporate email sequences into your strategy. 

This is a series of targeted emails sent at specific times over some time. The sequence is usually triggered by a customer’s action like clicking on a download button, signing up for a newsletter, abandoning a shopping cart, or just browsing your site. The continuing emails follow up from the visitor’s last movement and build on it until they feel compelled to take the ultimate action to become a buyer.

Ad Copy/Sales Pages

Another name for this is conversion copywriting, and this is all about writing copy that’s not only engaging, but it pulls the visitor in to convert them into a buyer. Conversion copy can be used on multiple platforms, web pages, social media, emails, etc. This is the copy that makes the revenue your business is aiming for.

Marketing ContentMarketing Content

Copywriting services for marketing is a serious business, and it’s this type of copywriting that you can bank on. Some of the services include:

Ebooks and Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are content that your audience values that are marketed exclusively to them. In exchange for the content, your site visitor gives up information about themselves like their name and their email address. Lead magnets can be ebooks, templates, or anything that your ideal customer would deem valuable.


White papers are in-depth, research reports that contain information about your target audience’s pain points and how to solve them. These could be ways your brand has helped people and highlights their testimonials. This can be a powerful tool in showcasing your authority in this area.


Not everyone excels in developing attention-grabbing slides. This is a service many people need, and yet, so few can do well to deliver that quality, perfect presentation.


Flyers and brochures are always in demand for tradeshows and other events. These are some of the best in-person marketing resources. The copy should be succinct and impactful. 

Press Releases

Nothing does a better job at announcing key, newsworthy happenings than a well-written, professional press release. 

Video Scripts

People love to watch videos, and most marketers say it brings them a positive return on investment. But a video doesn’t just happen. It all starts with a well-written video script.

Product Descriptions

A good product description is worth a lot. It not only says so much about the product but it’s optimized so that buyers can easily find it on google. 


Copywriting services are a big part of marketing. While it’s time-consuming, it’s still important to be consistent, and not everyone can make that type of time commitment to it. That’s why Copywriter Today is here. We’ll give your time back to you and write content that aligns with your brand’s voice and style. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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