How to Find Copywriting Services Which Build Strong Content

by Gabe Arnold

Is your blog content starting to gray with the near-winter skies? Are your vibrant copy ideas fading like the leaves dropping to the ground? Have you considered finding a company to provide copywriting services?

With all the emphasis on the value of excellent copy, you might wonder how to identify reputable copywriters. What qualities should you look for in those you might hire to create quality content? What makes someone a great content writer?

Yet, even with all this wondering, you may find yourself stagnating on the subject. As the cooler weather sets in and layers of clothes pile on, you may find yourself hunkering down rather than moving. After all, the darkened days and longer nights seem to signal our bodies to hibernation.

But, neither your body nor your web content benefit from this lack of movement. Fortunately, the principles that help you stay fit also boost your search for content writers you can trust. Let’s look at how working out our physical bodies reminds us of what is important in a copywriting team.

Gauge the Relational Match


Whether I choose to get a sweat on with a live trainer, class instructor, DVD personality or friend, a relational connection achieves the best results. If the voice on the DVD irritates you or your personal trainer screams beyond your liking, giving up prematurely is likely. On the other hand, finding a relational style which motivates you offers great gains.

Why is Connection Valuable? 

Similarly, connecting with a copywriter or team is vital. A good working relationship proves key to avoiding unnecessary difficulty and stress. In other words, your personalities need to mesh.

You might lose sight of this in business, particularly if you run a remote team. After all, since you are not working together within the same space, you might wonder, “Why is this connection vital?” But, whether in the office or from afar, a synergy between you and your content team increases goal achievement.

How Do I Gauge Match? 

Take time to get to know the company and or writer through conversation, their website and Google. Writing samples like those at Copywriter Today and reviews are likely to pop in your search. And, client testimonials and references give a picture of a company’s strengths.

While a great deal of modern communication happens through email and social media, voice-to-voice conversations are crucial. The inefficiency of these interactions weighs out against the information you gain from tone, inflection and cadence of voice.

Be sure to pay attention to all forms of communication to determine if the copywriter:

  • listens fully to you.
  • understands you clearly or seeks to reach this point.
  • proves interested in your needs rather than just selling themselves.
  • seems confident to do the work.
  • gets excited about your project.
  • genuinely wants to know about your company.
  • expresses a commitment to a quality of work which matches yours.

The reverse is critical as well. Let the team (or representative) get to know you. Key elements for you to share include:

  • your big picture or vision.
  • how the desired copy fits into your marketing strategy.
  • the company or project objectives.
  • a profile of your target customer.
  • your sales process.

What Role Does Communication Play? 

Throughout the copywriting process, you need to be able to communicate clearly with the team on project parameters and deadlines. In your search phase, try to answer the following questions:

  • Can we develop open dialogue and communication to address questions, changes and details?
  • Do I believe this team can bring the results my content needs?
  • Can I trust this person, this company?
  • Am I willing to give this copywriter’s thoughts and suggestions serious consideration?
  • Has this team proven natural to talk to, easy to reach for questions and quick to bring solutions?
  • Do I hear excuses regarding lost emails or other blamed communication difficulties?

Assessing and gauging your relational match early paves the way for future of communications. Plus, being alert and catching red flags increases the odds of a long-term, fruitful partnership. After all, how long are you likely to stick with that trainer at the gym who spends more time chatting with those around you than directing your program?

Expect a Personalized Program


Each of our bodies loses and gains weight, builds muscle and develops cardiovascular fitness at differing rates and by slightly different methods. While we know that every body needs exercise to get the healthiest results, one program does not fit all. If we want to reach our fitness goals, a workout and diet program tailored to individual needs fits the bill.

In the same way, quality content is needed for businesses to meet their goals. However, the specificity of these services offered by a copywriting team must fit your style and needs in a way that delivers results. No, one copywriting plan does not fit all.

Professional Copywriting Teams Recognize Uniqueness

A quality content company or team recognizes that no formulas or magic exists in content creation. Key concepts run throughout the work of copywriting, yes, but the plan of attack created by these services should be specific. Specifically, your company, product or services, audience, and competitors should be taken into account. This focus on your uniqueness effects the language, tone, topic coverage and brand of your copy.

Again, getting to know copywriters proves valuable. Check out their websites and writing samples to get a view of their personality and work. As you review the material, analyze the actual copy or words. While an attractive web page design or quality images bring value, content converts.

Effective Copywriting Services Meet Your Company’s Needs

Also, you need to know the services offered by the copywriting teams in consideration. Find the answers to:

  • What is included in the package?
  • Do these services meet your needs?
  • What additional services might be available?
  • Are you paying for bells and whistles when you simply need the mat and your body weight to see results?

Another important question to answer is, “Can the copywriter offer quality content within my niche?” While many content writers tend to be generalists, some have a bent, interest or even a specialty. Be sure to ask questions regarding style and type of writing (i.e. technology, legal or research).

Again, one copy does not fit all. Quality copywriting efforts reach your specific consumers with specific needs and issues. The team you hire needs to be able to address the pain point and concerns of your target audience, offer convincing benefits and draw the ideal customer. In other words, to continue the analogy, a ripped muscle does not get the same treatment as a broken ankle.

Accept Only Quality Content


With my hectic pace (and, likely yours), squeezing in a workout seems an event in itself. But, the value to my health and well-being dictates its necessity. So, exercises and activities planned strategically to use the most muscle groups or to fit into the slight gaps peppered through the day become pertinent.

Professional copywriters provide relevant, SEO copy to efficiently guide traffic down your funnel. The praises of quality content are sung with one Google search. So, how do you figure out if a team produces such copy? Other than reviews or references, look at their work and evaluate the content quality with these hints:

  • Assess if copy meets the order objectives i.e. topic, SEO, etc.
  • Be aware of grammar and spelling errors.
  • Watch for native language issues.
  • Guard originality both in wording and ideas.
  • Check the facts for accurate claims, reputable links and evidential support.
  • Notice strong headlines (only 20 percent of people move past your headline to read the copy).
  • Be sure the content is actionable.
  • Make sure the copy offers fast answers (the reason people turn to the Internet).
  • Notice if the content draws your attention, engages the audience with stories, questions or promises.

Finally, quality content defines a team’s credibility and eliminates the need for boasting. Even veiled bragging indicates a copywriter may not be as skilled as he or she reports. Think of the guy at the gym always spinning tales of the weights he lifts. Have you ever seen him do it?

A humble self-assurance in knowledge and skills does not need verbalized. It quietly earns trust. Research and communication reveal these qualities over time. Look past the gym braggart and ask for the expertise of those actually building muscle and strength.

Identify Copywriter Endurance


One key to building strength and health through physical fitness is endurance. Ten jumping jacks done every now and then fail to meet our goals. A bit of sweat (or maybe quite a bit of it), pushing through discomfort, doing one more rep when my muscles scream otherwise brings results.

A copywriting team sticking with you for the long-haul proves worth the investment. Effective content requires continual updates. Readers, customers and search engines do not reward sites that fail to regularly update. According to Kissmetrics Science of Social Timing, regular posting draws more traffic. And, yes, more posts equal more prospects.

Furthermore, each piece of content must be relevant and of quality. Energy and creativity are required long-term to pen word after word of great copy. Plus, the quickly moving pace of our lives leaves no time for irrelevant material. In fact, you just may lose traffic with one irrelevant post.

In sum, excellent content is not a one and done proposition. Professional content writers know this and provide consistency of product in quantity and quality. Look for their commitment to partner with you in building the strength and health of your web content.

 Measure Their Results


The goal of deadlifting 300 pounds remains out of reach if lifting the bar is as far as you get. Losing 10 pounds may be a positive step but falls short of the 30-pound mark you targeted. Strength, health, endurance, speed, weight loss or other fitness objectives mean little without the results to celebrate them.

All the claims and attractively designed sites of copywriters mean nothing if they fail to positively answer the basic question: Do you get the job done? In copywriting, results involve drafting creative content which presents your products or services in an engaging way, one that draws readers. This is how the job gets done.

To start, you can ask:

  • Am I drawn to this writer’s copy and the product or service it represents?
  • Will my target audience be drawn to this type of content?

Client testimonials, references and reviews further define a copywriter’s ability to achieve a victory. These sources offer information on whether a team’s work:

  • draws readers.
  • garners traffic.
  • generates sales.
  • builds brands.
  • converts prospects.

While more factors than content contribute to these results, copy plays a key role. Consider if the copywriting team you are looking to hire produces copy which contributes to or hinders progress toward these goals.

A final caution: Do not be starstruck by degrees. Many good copywriters do not have them. The credentials of these writers are their achievements for other clients.

Maintain Realistic Expectations


Expecting to drop 50 pounds before your class reunion this week and look like Stallone in Rocky IV only causes discouragement. Walking into the gym for the first time and attempting to bench press your body weight deflates motivation. But, keeping goals realistic increases success.

Copywriting teams offer your web presence valuable copy with a host of benefits and movement toward your conversion goals. However, content is not the only factor of success in your gym bag. There is no magic on its own.

A clear business plan, tools, resources, tactics and strategies all work in combination to draw prospects, convey trust and credibility, and get visitors to take the next step. Bad products, poorly run business, slow markets or no snow in which to sell the snowblower cannot be overcome by hiring quality copywriting services.

Furthermore, a little sweat may be required. I know, we want to believe that by hiring a professional team we can bypass the excessive perspiration. Unfortunately, our wanting it does not make it so. The process of creating great content and attracting leads is not without learning and fails to happen overnight.

So, reach into that gym bag and get to work on the weaknesses which hold back your success. Accept the slow building of strength. And, know that results worth celebrating will arise.

Copywriting Services Boost Your Health


The key to a good workout, individually and over time, is maintaining motivation. Good copywriting teams offer just such inspiration, encouragement and all those intangibles that prove difficult to quantify. Finding professional content writers which prove a good relational match, offer personalized programs, produce quality copy, run with endurance and demonstrate measurable results are a worthwhile investment with a good return.

Just imagine being excited again or anew about your web presence. Like a jolt of vitamins, quality copywriting services can breathe health and strength back into your content. Plus, their copy may just inspire you, wake you out of your hibernation and get you moving again.

If you use Copywriter Today, be sure to comment below on their value to you. We love to hear feedback on how things are going for you. Plus, be sure to share this blog with a friend who wants to know how to choose a copywriter.

Or, if you want to explore using freelance copywriters, contact us today to chat about how our services can fit your needs.

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