Ways to Snag Cheap Copywriting Services Prices Without Losing Quality

by Gabe Arnold

With the increased demand for web copy, copywriting services seem a valuable time and revenue-generating investment. But, copywriting services prices or the cost of a copywriter prove enough to scare even the fearless back to writing their own content. (No matter the resource drain.)

The human effort, time, energy and talent required to create quality copy supports decent dollar signs for these services. However, the reality is that the words on your blog or the tweets to your Twitter followers account for only a portion of your marketing costs.

So, snagging cheap copywriting services in exchange for excellent content likely answers the cries of your overextended staff. But, am I tempting you with nothing more than a dream? Read on. There is hope.

A few quick tips land you copywriter services which meet your expectations and your budget.

Eliminate Unneeded Services

Content or copywriting service companies offer a variety of helps to meet your marketing needs. And, as expected these offerings raise copywriting service prices.

Check it out. Content services:

  • Create various forms of content pieces.
  • Optimize copy with SEO strategies.
  • Develop an overall content strategy.
  • Conduct assessments and audits.
  • Promote content.
  • Maintain content.
  • Carry out effectiveness testing.
  • Provide reports.
  • Manage entire projects.

To avoid overspending, you must first clearly understand the needs of your marketing campaign. For instance, if your tech team runs analytics and builds marketing analysis reports effectively, hiring a service to do the same is overkill. A writer may be all you need.

Knowing your needs prior to contacting a content services team keeps you focused. This information is helpful to copy creators in providing you with the services which best round out your marketing campaign.

Second, ask for clarity on any hired services. A breakdown of what you are paying for and how much you are spending eliminates confusion and potential disagreements. Reputable copywriting services welcome clear communication and offer written understandings without hesitation.

Watch Contracts

Copywriting services which work under contracts raise a red flag in terms of money-savings. If you are required to remain with a service for a specified number of orders or period of time, you could be wading in dangerous waters.

Consider the risk of contracted services. You may end up:

  • Stuck with ineffective or poor quality content.
  • Caught in a poor working relationship.
  • Left with little to no room to re-negotiate.

Copywriting services which allow you to place orders on an individual basis with no continued obligation bring peace of mind in terms of quality. And, furthermore, they save money.

If the first article or two falls below your expectations, you are free to find another service which better delivers. You are not stuck rewriting poor content or trashing it in the circular file to create new.

Avoid Bundles

Cable companies, phone companies and the like build bundles to reportedly save you cash. Unfortunately, with copywriting service prices (as well as those phone and cable businesses), you need to be savvy.

Bundling works out to be a deal as long as you need all of the services in the package. Again, as stated above, knowing your content service needs helps discern if you are the winner of a deal or the victim of a scam.

Communicate clearly your needs and understand what is included in all packages. For the safest route, simply avoid bundles altogether. Plenty of quality copywriting services offer a la carte pricing which does not break your budget.

Anticipate Writer Needs

While the content team you hire is likely skilled and creative, they are not mind readers. Their job is to take your desires and ideas and weave them into content you wish you wrote yourself.

But, in order to do so effectively and efficiently (the money saving part), you must share. Yes, share the heart of your company and what you want as a result of working with content services.

So, give a copywriter access to your:

  • Website.
  • Audience demographics.
  • Existing marketing materials.
  • Biggest competitors.
  • Examples in terms of tone and message.

In addition, be clear on any specifications or expectations within each order. For example:

  • What length piece are you looking for and what is its purpose?
  • Have you crafted a title? Or, is the writer expected to do so?
  • Do you want images included and how many?
  • What deadline do you have in mind?
  • Will you publish content pieces or is this part of the service?

Straight forward communication as to your expectations around content helps writing teams spin the copy you want in the first draft. Time spent rewriting and editing later adds up to additional dollars.

Cheap Copywriting Services Prices

Clear communication. Clear communication. Clear communication.

This list summarizes the ways to snag cheap copywriting services without sacrificing quality content. Knowing your content needs and communicating them well lies at the heart of copywriting services prices you do not mind paying.

Visit us or contact us today for your free consultation to understand the services we offer at affordable prices.

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