Seven Enormous Mistakes in Copywriting You Don’t Want to Make

by Gabe Arnold

Writing copy is a fantastic way to promote your company — if you do it right. Avoid these seven enormous copywriting mistakes to ensure the success of your next marketing campaign. 

Not Having a Goal

You need to know what you want to get out of your written copy. To know if your written copy is successful, you need to know what you were aiming for. It is also impossible to determine a marketing campaign’s direction without a goal in mind. 

Not Following a Process

Establishing and sticking with a tone, voice and style that are unique to you and your company is crucial. It lets your audience know that they can trust you. Producing content on a regular schedule is also necessary to maintain and increase engagement. 

Not Understanding Your Audience

You need to know and understand who you are writing for. Ask yourself about the wants, needs and preferences of the people who will be reading your content. Determine your most profitable demographic segments. Once you have done that, you can write copy with confidence, knowing it will appeal to your audience. 

Using Incomplete Rhetoric

The three rhetorical appeals are ethos, pathos and logos. Translated into modern terms means credibility, emotion and logic. To write effective copy, you need to appeal to all three of these aspects. Using one or two will produce some results. But, the human brain is wired to weigh them all when making a decision. Applying all three in your copy will ensure the best outcome.

Not Having Mobile-Friendly Web Design

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on a huge swath of the online market. Make sure you post your copy where it is accessible to everyone, no matter which device they use. 

Ignoring SEO

No one can read what they cannot find. So, you need to optimize your web page for search engines as well as your audience. The algorithms search engines use to rank pages are constantly improving. The information that appeals to a search engine and the information that appeals to your audience are becoming increasingly similar. But, if your SEO is not done well, the odds of your website being found will decrease. If you do not have a strong grasp of SEO, hire someone who does. 

Writing What You Want to Read

Writing copy that you want to read is a huge mistake. Do not assume your audience thinks the same way you do, as they likely do not.  Verify that you are writing what they want to read, not what you want to read.

If you want to ensure that you avoid these copywriting mistakes, reach out to Copywriter Today. We have experienced writers who will provide you with high-quality content for all your business needs.

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