Copywriting Content Shares Qualities With Holiday Celebrations

by Gabe Arnold

Whether you celebrate a holiday this time of year or take a needed break as the world scurries about, I wonder if you have noticed admirable qualities in the faithfully festive. Beneath the need to slow down and over-the-top consumerism lies an intriguing foundation which begs to be understood and possibly imitated in copywriting content. And, curiosity leads me to question, what magic undergirds such celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa that acts as inspiration to us as writers whether we choose to take part or refrain?

As I reflected on my observations of traditions over the years, the connection revealed itself. Devout holiday celebrations share several qualities with effective content. Often these gifts of the writer draw the reader in without even a thought as to why. Perhaps, these reasons also explain celebrators flocking to the holidays like partridges to the pear tree. Come, pour a cup of eggnog and consider the similarities between quality content and holiday celebrations.

Qualities of Copywriting Content



Anticipation and excitement accompany the holidays for many a celebrant. Christmas finds those awaiting the birth of Jesus or the arrival of Santa Claus. Hanukkah draws those anticipating the lighting of candles. And, Kwanzaa brings a feast and gifts to African Americans eager to celebrate their heritage.

While the outworkings of the festivities prove different, the foundation of passion inherent in each celebration remains constant. Joy mixed with solemnity, excitement in the preparations and eagerness to gather with family and friends span the observances. Even if you are not a member of the celebrating faith or race, the passion draws you.

Have you watched it in a restaurant or the home across the street? Have you tried to avert your gaze in vain? The inability to turn your eyes from those sincerely lost in excitement as they celebrate proves the power of this passion. And, often it is contagious.

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And, so it goes with copywriting content. Passion brings freshness to a writer’s work. Authenticity without a facade of excuses reveals a writer’s heart and engages readers. In other words, it follows the quips “Write what you know.”, “Be true to yourself.”, and “Find your voice.”

Fears and writer’s block fade away at the entrance of passion. This quality naturally breeds the use of personality and humor in the text. Creativity is sparked, energy elevated and focus targeted. And, these results powerfully inspire readers.

But, zeal takes on differing forms for each copywriter. Excitement stems from the craft of writing, a topic of specialty or the audience to which words are penned. Whether a writer enjoys the art of poetry, rock climbing or connecting with the business community through written text, he or she needs to experience passion in order to express passion through the keyboard.

Often, zeal extends beyond salary, fame or even drafting words. The core of this passion for many a copywriter lies with the desire to educate an audience, share a story or discover right along with the reader. And, audiences gravitate toward this content authenticity. It grabs them and draws them into a new world.



Holiday celebrations incorporate everything from solemn family moments to extravagant light shows. Remembering and branding the message on the next generation requires tapping into various learning styles. And, it seems that each passing generation adds another creative twist.

Simple nativity displays of years past now light up and likely even tell the story of Jesus’ birth. Electric, flameless menorahs and musical, laser dreidels bring modern technology to ancient traditions. And, Kwanzaa apps bring wallpaper, images and messages to directly to celebrants.

But, even age-old customs reveal the creativity involved in sharing holiday messages. Storytelling, songs, readings, visuals such as candle lighting or meal preparation, plus decorating trees, yards and homes bring the communication into the current generation with clarity. Whether returning to family or cultural roots or blazing a new tradition, creativity keeps rituals fresh and accessible for all involved.

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And, the same holds true for good content. Fresh, accessible information comes in a variety of creative forms to cater to all types of learners. Plus, it brings life to the messages that lay within the copy.

It is said that “content is king and creativity is the queen” in the kingdom of effective copy. And, the platforms for birthing innovative writing grow daily. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn offer social media power in spreading messages. Landing pages and blogs further meet the needs of a writer’s audience and offer the opportunity to spread content through sharing.

Plus, each platform allows copywriters to tailor customer-focused messages and reach broader audiences. Videos, photos with captions, images, infographics, podcasts, audio files and more make a writer’s words likely to be consumed and acted upon. And, this bottom line boosts the bottom line. After all, the ultimate sign of quality content is motivated readers who take action.



While similar to creativity, originality takes a step into uncharted territory. Families birthing traditions to accommodate a special needs child lighting the menorah demonstrate originality. And, others taking advantage of apps and other technology to stay connected in innovative ways with the practices of Christmas bring a modern flair to an enduring message. New times, new generations, new traditions.

In some cases, the rituals of the past lose meaning as translated over time. Or, the story and reason for a particular symbolic gesture faded or never existed. Maintaining a tradition simply for the sake of tradition holds no value for devout celebrators. Originality is required.

Furthermore, revelers desire traditions which fit their understanding of the holiday, the make up of their family and the structure of their calendars. In other words, they want traditions which are their own. When rituals become routine for all the wrong reasons, modern families create meaningful, original alternatives.

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Originality proves key to quality content as well. Search engines and readers alike reward content that offers a unique voice and distinctive material. Plus, copied or rehashed content loses appeal quickly.

First, plagiarism has maintained its bad reputation since high school when discovery resulted in a “zero” or worse. Modern search algorithms continue to punish content copying by pushing such examples to the bottom of the rankings. Falling into the abyss of bad content, copying the work of another writer earns no gifts.

Second, rehashing the same concepts also gets a writer nowhere. Readers want useful articles. And, how informative can the material be if it is already all over the Internet? Re-gifting content proves just as socially unacceptable as it is at the holiday party.

Copying or repackaging text lands writers on the naughty list. While looking for inspiration in the work of others grows a writer’s skills, developing originality of voice and material leads to a spot on the nice list. And, as celebrators of Christmas know, good gifts only come to those on the latter list.



Each holiday of this season births from and maintains tradition. Passed from one generation to the next, the practices and rituals of each group offer unique and valuable connections to the past. Through the tenets of celebrations, individuals and families find meaning in life.

For instance, the customs of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa each include storytelling. Sharing the history of Jesus or St. Nicolas, the Jewish heritage or the African American people, these celebrations produce roots for current and future generations. And, often oral and written histories lay the foundation of traditions.

Plus, personalized traditions unique to families within each group breed further connections as well. Core values and family history pass to younger generations through these practices. And, human interactions and bonds are strengthened.

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So, how does this link to copywriting? How can tradition move readers to future action? Two thoughts come to mind. Tradition plays a role in writing both in terms of conventions and content.

While the creative writer may play with and change up grammatical and language conventions, the core foundation of these tools must remain consistent for a reason. Readability. Yes, all quality copy must be clear and understandable to the reader.

Excellent content translates to a reader’s engagement. Copy penned only for its author’s comprehension and expression loses its purpose. In other words, going too far outside the box crushes this necessary quality of copywriting content.

Also, words prove important to tradition. Stories, scriptures, songs and verses fill holiday celebrations to pass a heritage onto the next generation, impart memorable wisdom and engage listeners with the topic at hand. Content incorporating these time-honored techniques gets reader attention.

Furthermore, the ancient tradition of the written word still possesses incredible value. Content drawn from an audience’s roots speaks deeply to them. Words addressing needs engage them. In other words, stories sell. And, quality content uses them wisely.



The gathering of family and friends in each of this season’s holidays provides context for lives that otherwise gets lost. Gathering to tell stories, put up holiday lights, light candles, listen to readings, attend services or share a meal offer a sense of belonging within the family and the community. Even the struggles become part of individual and corporate identity which draw people back.

An individual finds identity in his or her Jewish culture, Christian experience or African American heritage. While this characteristic does not make the whole of a person, the individual is not complete without it. Plus, this sense of belonging combats loneliness and builds a sense of self.

Furthermore, lasting memories created during these celebrations further cement bonds and identity. Humorous. Sentimental. Romantic. Troublesome. Lively. No matter the type of memories, celebrators arrive at the same place. Home.

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Writers prove wise to take note. Content which makes readers feel at home and gives them a sense of belonging strikes a cord and receives attention. In other words, good copy addresses peoples’ need to feel at home, to be welcome.

Also, copy powerfully lets readers know they are not alone. They are noticed and appreciated. Their needs matter. Questions deserve an answer. Interests are valued. With sincerity, the readers are valued.

Furthermore, quality content offers readers connection with the larger community. It holds a conversation, offers discussion, links with other sites and introduces others in the field to expand a reader’s horizons. In other words, it follows up an invitation with a personal escort to the neighborhood holiday block party.



The celebration of holidays fills individuals with a sense of meaning and purpose. These opportunities help strip away the insignificant to focus on real value life experiences. Plus, they reinforce beliefs and give reason to pause and reflect in the lives of those involved.

Plus, sincere celebrants find ritual experiences fraught with meaning. In other words, a story typically lies behind the question of “Why do you … light the menorah, trim a Christmas tree or share in the Kwanzaa Karamu?” On the other hand, the frivolous activities often find themselves tossed out with the holiday gift wrap over time.

However, participants may find it difficult to define the meaning and purpose of all holiday activities. But, I would venture to guess that beneath the lasting traditions lie inherent meanings. And, this foundation gives away how the practice endures the years.

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Can you hear the link with writing content? The precious commodity of time makes us frugal with our choice of activity. Even the decisions as to what we read must hold up in value against our purpose for that moment, day or our lives.

In other words, copywriting content must mean something to us. If not, we are one click away from a page that offers it. This understanding is the reason copy must know and cater to its audience. Again, an author writing for his or her own ear might best be left to a journal.

Furthermore, giving readers content on which to pause and reflect amid their busyness benefits them. Intellect, a fresh perspective or simply a needed break breathe life into tired souls. In other words, meaningful content inspires.

On the other hand, content devoid of meaning turns off readers. Searchers of the Internet long for copy which speaks to their needs, answers their questions, provides relevant information or connects with them on an emotional level in some way. And, quality content delivers.

Wrapping It Up (With a Neat Little Bow)

Can you think of other connections between well-written content and holiday celebrations? Think about a link involving short and targeted traditions keeping the young and old focused on a clear message. Or, the fact that many traditions require action, particularly hands-on activity.

As you travel about this holiday season, tune your senses to the celebrations around you. And, if you learn something new, would you please comment below so we can learn along with you? Improved content is a passion of ours at Copywriter Today.

Finally, if creating quality content adds to your holiday stress, contact us today for help. And, consider it your Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) gift to yourself.

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