Finding a Quality Copywriter Service: No New Year’s Resolutions Required

by Gabe Arnold

Similar to the kiss which accompanies the ringing in of the New Year, resolutions excite and then quickly fade from memory. Passionate and short-lived, these promise-filled goals offer little authentic value to anyone’s life by the end of January. And I, along with many others, steer clear of them. To the contrary, finding a quality copywriter service brings worth throughout the year.

Copywriting services prove more than a quick to fizzle resolution or passing fad. These weavers of words do not incite instant magic. In fact, their role on your team offers valuable input over the long haul. Yes, as marketing team members, content writers become a vital part of far-reaching solutions and strategies.

Attracting the attention of search engines, engaging site visitors and converting browsers to customers represent a few of the skills possessed by a quality copywriter. Plus, regular and reliable posting of well-written content (which you simply do not have time for) establishes your brand and authority. Furthermore, the specific focus of a professional writer allows for the addition of social media pursuits, greater accountability and more.

Hiring writers external to your business breeds content which is more likely to reach your audience. After all, someone entrenched in your company may lose sight of client needs. Spinning copy from the outside gives your text a flair or simplicity that speaks the language of your target audience.

In addition, copywriters beyond the influence of your business share unique perspectives and angles with you. Remaining open to their insights may just take your marketing content in an innovative and surprisingly successful direction. Hint: Audiences and search engines love this original copy.

So, how do you identify quality copywriters, and where do you find them?

Content Copywriter vs. Copywriter Service


While this comparison begs an article itself, let’s briefly overview the difference between hiring a content copywriter and copywriter service. While a content writer may be hired in-house or freelance, copywriting services typically work independently. Both offer professional relationships and copy which benefit your business but with slight variations.


Typically, copywriting services impact budgets less. Employing in-house writers brings the added costs of employment benefits. Company training, vacation pay, salary scales and insurance expenses raise costs. Hiring independent, freelance writers avoids these necessary expenses but includes typically high hourly rates. However, content services tend to streamline costs as you only pay for content and rates often prove more affordable.


Hiring a professional in-house or freelance copywriter brings unique, varied content to your site. And, quality writers meet your needs in this context. On the other hand, content services offer a variety of writers. This pool provides you the flexibility to find the writing voice which best matches your goals. Furthermore, switching service companies remains a possibility. And, the cost of hiring and firing is eliminated.


While quality copywriters offer valuable, professional services, an additional benefit of copywriting services is the team approach. This team affords your company a broad range of expertise and skills to meet diverse needs. Plus, a team handles your content growth without hiring more staff or freelancers. In other words, scaling your content requirements becomes easier.

Skills of the Successful Content Writer


Identifying a quality copywriter or team requires moving beyond a resume. While education and experience offer clues to a writer’s capabilities and potential for success on behalf of your company, these mere facts fail to provide a full evaluation. Be sure to review the work of a writer and get to know them through conversation if at all possible.

In the case of copywriter services, chatting with each writer proves time-consuming and often beyond the scope of possibility. Fortunately, writing samples provide a wealth of information from which to make a decision. Also, as mentioned, working with a service gives you the freedom to switch writers should the work not meet your expectations.

While a list of valuable copywriter qualities could number into the 100s, consider these 10 skills of successful content writers as you look to hire.

Content copywriters develop a:

Variety of Writing Styles

Copy comes in many forms and medias. Relatable, opinionated blogs, short, persuasive ad copy, and brief, informational news pieces offer an idea of the muscle flex required by content writers. And, addressing each of these variations with excellence proves key.

While you may not find a writer equally adept at all forms of content, finding one (or better yet a team) versatile in several types raises the worth of your hire. In other words, recognizing the differences in copy and writing accordingly sets copywriters apart from the crowd. Also, professionals continuing to grow in the understanding and use of the varying styles should be noted as valuable.

Flow of Ideas

With the continual need for regularly posted, well-written content, writer’s block poses a serious threat to the copywriter. Professional content weavers keep a stash of ideas on tap to combat this formidable foe. These nuggets of writing inspiration rise from many and varied sources.

Look for writers using apps such as Evernote to log running lists of ideas and research. Email folders prove valuable in collecting headline sources as well. And, an editorial calendar keeps copywriters plotting ideas over time which leads to cohesion, lack of repetition, hitting special event and holiday marks and decreased lag time.

Strong Writing Voice

The writers you love to read likely possess a confident writing voice. While this quality develops over time, it proves less teachable than strategy and persuasion techniques. Passion, commitment and some level of talent foster voice, but this skill stems from internal qualities of creativity, sensitivity and intelligence.

A distinct writer style and personality, even a point of view produce work that draws you and readers. Think about it. Who wants to read useful information written without flair or character? Content copywriters who know how to wield their voices prove worth the investment.


Scientists use the term chronobiology to describe our internal, natural biological clocks. These circadian rhythms differ by individual and prove impacted by jet lag, shift work and more. Successful web content weavers make good use of this built in wiring.

As you may notice in your work, certain times of the day lend themselves to an increased ability to get creative, problem-solve and think in general. Writers who keep peak productive times free for spinning prose produce great work. Looking for copywriters who possess self-awareness as to their idiosyncracies and adjust accordingly brings great content to your site.

Unique Angle

The Internet floods with information on a daily basis. Likely, even within untitled-design-32your industry, the articles begin to swim together in a sea of commonality. Unfortunately, this lack of uniqueness fails to make you stand out among your competitors.

Finding a unique angle or hook to familiar topics falls under the expertise of quality content writers. In other words, readers desire practical information presented in attractive ways. Look for copywriters who deliver this type of copy by presenting a new perspective, inciting curiosity and capturing the attention of your readers.

Grasp of Writing Basics

Readers notice grammar usage and spelling errors. In fact, these mundane, even seemingly unimportant issues send Internet guests running to other sites never to return. Sound harsh? Unfortunately, it is true of web behavior. Second chances are few and far between.

Finding writers with a rare typo gives you a clue as to the solidity of their grasp of the basics and their attention to detail. Furthermore, the basics of writing structure play an important role as well. Look for cohesion, simplicity and flow of ideas in a writer’s work to identify quality which attracts and holds an audience’s attention.


Whether freelance or part of a team, writers need to be in the know as to the analytics leading to subject choice, headlines and perspectives on which to write. In marketing, this creative process is called ideation. Understanding how a writer or team of copywriters generates ideas proves useful in assessing this quality.

Typically, you want to hear that a content writer considers your audience, keyword research, the competitions’ content and the wording of the all-important title in crafting copy. How does a content writer gather data? What methods are used to integrate it with idea formation? These questions offer insight into whether the copy produced will meet the objective of getting readers interested.


Regurgitated content strikes down efforts to establish a positive reputation with readers and search engines. Therefore, originality must mark every post. Finding copywriters with confident voices, heads for unique angles and storehouses of ideas leads to new twists on the same old subjects.

Furthermore, writers concerned with plagiarism issues employ programs and apps to check for incidental or accidental duplicate material. Knowing this about a potential writer offers a hint as to his or her desire to create innovative copy. And, this detail offers value to readers, in search engine rankings and within your field.

Content Strategy Know-How

untitled-design-33Great copy requires more than superb writing skills or even a passion for writing. While these qualities help, a working knowledge of how content drives traffic down the funnel proves imperative. And, an understanding of headlines, social sharing, SEO and curating content that matters boosts the value of a writer’s work. Simply put, strategy turns a good writer into an excellent copywriter.

Furthermore, professionals know and express the why behind content strategies used. The details of headlines and copy, content structure and overall themes fall within the expertise of the content copywriter. These are the features of compelling content.

Working Clock

Quality copywriters employ a variety of effective time management skills to ensure superior and timely work. Self-awareness of one’s internal clock plus drafting an ongoing list and calendar of ideas helps make efficient use of time. However, other tools beg utilization as well.

For example, writing ahead of schedule offers the opportunity for writing to mellow and be reviewed again before clicking send. The excuse that one’s best work evolves under pressure proves fatally false in content creation. Knowing a writer’s practices and habits helps identify red flags indicating potentially poor results or even missed deadlines.

Drive to Learn

Whether a novice, an amateur or a professional, all serious writers seek to improve. In fact, professional commitment in any field mandates this drive to learn. Finding copywriters who work to refine their skills brings continually improving, current content along with a humility which benefits the working relationship.

And, this motivation toward education comes in a variety of forms. Whether talking with experts, researching topics, reading current blogs and material on the subject, taking courses or studying the audience, hire-worthy copywriters work to become authorities on your company, the topic on which they write and copywriting techniques. Remaining up-to-date on current thinking and changes in the profession marks excellence and professionalism in a writer.

Where to Find Professional Copywriter Services


With a clue as to the qualities to look for in a professional copywriter service, where do you begin your search? Let’s consider three general options.


The local yellow pages (online, of course) lend to the search for content writers close to home. Geographic proximity increases the ability to meet face-to-face for initial evaluations or to resolve difficulties. However, this option limits your choices and perhaps the quality of work depending on where you live.


Hybrid work options are more and more popular. Remote work and apps such as Skype open doors to content generation across the world. One Google search yields an unending list of copywriters and content crafting teams eager to help you. While this method reveals the breadth, depth and offerings available within the field, how do you choose the best of such a list?


Whether local or across the country, referrals still hold power in identifying individuals or writing teams to hire. Results speak. And, asking other businesses how they handle content creation and with whom builds a list to start your search.

Right Where You Are

But, why not start right where you are at this moment? Armed with the qualities to look for in hiring content copywriters, look over Copywriter Today’s services and writing samples. And, when you like what you see, give us a shout.

We would love to get to know you and talk more about how our team can help meet your content writing goals.  With a risk-free trial, it is a no-brainer step to take. Plus, just think of all the advantages and tasks that will move off your to-do list without one single New Year’s resolution.

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