A Copywriter Service: Skilled Precision in Driving Traffic to Your Site

by Gabe Arnold

Before I began working for a copywriter service,  I knew little of how the flow of words across the Internet got there. Like many I have spoken with, I assumed blogs were written by the minds belonging to the faces at the close of the page. Or, business owners or company writers penned the copy.

And, in some cases, this proves to be true. However, I have come to realize that a great deal of the copy online flows from the wit of unnamed, hired, freelance writers. And, while disillusioning at first, understanding grew as I began to comprehend the knowledge and skill which lay behind these written works.

The goal of web sites and web copy is to draw the attention of search engines and readers to a website. In other words, drive traffic. If not, writers would simply confine their writing to a personal journal.

And, much like when we get into our cars after work and pull into a lane filled with brake lights and honking horns, web content keeps in view an intentional map or plan, a destination it intends to reach. Specifically, each word of the content on your site leads reader traffic in a direction. The goal, of course, is to drive them down the funnel into a loyal relationship with your company.

What I have come to understand is that hiring a copywriter service goes beyond finding professionals with a flow of and knack for words. Actually, a great deal of information, consideration and research go into online prose before it reaches your screen. In other words, to effectively direct traffic, professional copywriting services learn to operate in quite a few gears.

Hiring a copywriter service may appear a sign of weakness but actually demonstrates strength. In fact, outsourcing this work occurs with 64 percent of B2B marketers. It proves that important.

Check out a few ways a content service keeps in-the-know to move traffic in your direction:

SEO Know-How

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The flood of Internet information proves daunting to the reader. Where do I find the information I need? How do I sort the relevant from the irrelevant? The valuable from the trash? The reputable from the best-forgotten?

Fortunately for readers, search engines do much of this mind-boggling work for them. And, quite honestly, the search engine techno-experts continue to get better at the process. A few targeted Google searches reveal that finding exactly the information you need is quicker and easier than ever before.

In simple terms, effective search engine optimization (SEO) raises your website toward the top of the search results list. Yes, SEO makes your website visible and attractive to a search engine’s organic or natural (unpaid) results. As an outcome, you become more visible to the reader traffic you desire to attract as well.

After all, if no one sees your shop sign, how will they be inspired to pull in the drive? Knowing how to work with search engines in this little thing called SEO, falls along the path and responsibility of copywriting services for websites. And, with continual search engine updates and changes, understanding the nuances and how to best attract these web content sorters and thereby, readers requires continued education and skill.

A copywriter service offers know-how on:

  • What search engines want including expertise on the impact of updated algorithms.
  • Original material that both search engines and readers love.
  • Latent semantic indexing (LSI) which uses related search terms to further define keywords.
  • Long tail keywords including title tag modifiers.
  • The strategies and content of your competition to produce unique copy for your company i.e. long tail keywords others in the industry are not using and material not addressed or sufficiently covered by your competitors.

Audience Know-Who

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Attracting the right traffic proves valuable to your bottom line. After all, an abundance of traffic to a site selling widgets fails to produce sales if the buyers are looking for gadgets. Copywriting services understand the techniques for drawing your target audience, those likely interested in your product.

Plus, catering to customer databases proves financially wise. Specifically, the cost of retaining current clients proves significantly less than finding and developing new ones. But, retention also requires an understanding of customer preferences and needs. To spin out material relevant to both groups of readers, copywriters need versatility. And, content writing services offer this flex.

While great numbers of software helps exist to understand your target audience and current customers, coordinating and managing this data requires time and skill. Often, copywriter services are hired to ease the burden on business owners or other employees. The expertise of the service allows your staff to focus on other issues and tasks vital to your business.

Professional copywriter services offer know-who through:

  • Identification (with you) of your ideal, intended target audience.
  • Interaction with this specific population to gain relevant traffic.
  • Analytics to understand the habits, interests and more of current clients and your target audience i.e. phrases and words around your topic that people search for.
  • Tactics to keep readers engaged. i.e. bucket brigades and quick answers to their issues.
  • Posts addressing general Internet reader habits i.e. skimmable content through quote boxes, sidebar callouts, section banners, images, short paragraphs, bullet points and more, use of headings and subheadings, and focusing on benefits over features.

Strategy Know-What

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Looking at the breadth of SEO and target audience information and techniques, you may be asking: So, what is the best way to drive traffic to my company website? How do I use the data and information? What does all of this mean to my marketing strategy?

Pulling data, analytics and knowledge together into a well-running engine requires expertise to optimize your efforts. Professional copywriting services provide a supplement to your marketing team without the cost of hiring more staff. With the destination in mind (based on your business goals), these services create a strategy to get you where you want to go through a variety of services.

Furthermore, this plan includes more than a blog or your web landing page. Consider for just 10 seconds all the copy that represents your company across the Internet. Likely, in this short time, you realize the list seems endless. The importance of each of these pieces is the destination they point to. Do they all lead to the same place?

Knowing how to effectively drive traffic to your site and keep it moving without jams and fatalities is the work of freelance copywriting services. By creating cohesive, quality content across your marketing plan, these services grow your brand and generate leads likely to park with you for awhile. In short, strategic knowledge plays a foundational role in what content services offer.

Copywriting services offer know-what in:

  • Keyword tracking and strategic use.
  • Optimal headline creation and meta description details.
  • Effective social sharing buttons and calls to action (CTA).
  • A variety of formats i.e. blog posts, social media content, email marketing content, press releases, sales pages and letters, ebook outlines and content, and authority guides.

A Copywriter Service Drives Traffic

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Strong copywriter services build SEO, target audience and strategy knowledge and skill into great content. This copy results in smooth running traffic flow to your site. Specifically, the characteristics of the effective content produced include:

Targeted Copy

In general, audiences want to know they are heard and that their problems and interests are important enough to gain attention. Copywriting services craft content laser-pointed at your specific audience longing to hear your message. Again, this copy draws the traffic likely to park awhile.

While the message of knowing your audience may seem ancient and overdone, the truth is that this concept is foundational to online success. Knowing the who you are writing for, what they want and where their motivations come from allows copywriters to eliminate irrelevant pieces of copy. And, evidence shows that even one irrelevant post loses readership to your competitors.

Furthermore, targeted content speaks fluently the language of your audience. Drawing readers with only a few key words which speak to their emotions proves effective. In other words, copywriting services produce work that feels familiar and makes the reader say, “This company gets me.”

Relevant Copy

Content which addresses the needs of the reader, solves his or her problems or answers the question on his or her mind gets attention. The features of the product or service you sell mean nothing if they do not meet consumer needs. In other words, readers want to know how your product or service applies to and can be useful to them without being overly pushy.

Using collected information on the issues faced by the reader, freelance copywriters craft copy, blogs and authoritative articles on the benefits of a product or service over its features. This custom content (which influences 61 percent of consumers) connects people with your product, service or company. Quality content services convincingly demonstrate that you care about the audience, not the sale alone, and this draws traffic.

Well-Written Copy

Poorly written material turns off readers as unintelligent and unreliable. On the other hand, well-written copy builds your reputation and trustworthiness. In this regard, copywriters deliver quality copy with attention to the details of grammar, spelling and content.

Misspellings and grammar faux pax suggest that a writer and the company they represent lack education to some degree. Or, perhaps, they do not pay attention to the details. These issues find readers quickly clicking to a site that offers more intellectual fare.

Furthermore, readers desire thought out communication. In addition to the value of copy, readers want words which engage, demonstrate passion and strengthen their relationship with you through dialogue. Freelance copywriters boost your reputation by providing authoritative and useful information, showcasing your company culture without being promotional and starting conversations.

Attractive Copy

The eye is drawn to the attractive. A beautiful sunset, a gorgeous smile or a striking piece of art hold our attention. Online, the same holds true. Specifically, the physical layout of web pages draws the gaze of readers and increases engagement. The professionalism of the layout also speaks to your professionalism.

Copywriters employ short paragraphs, headings, subheadings and bullet points to create skimmable, attractive content. Sidebars and call-outs offer graphic interest. And, image choice also increases the beauty factor. The graphics, the layout. These features offer a valuable first impression to continue reader engagement.

Trustworthy Copy

Content which is memorable, approachable, relevant and truthful stands out among the noise of the Internet. Copy is the substance beneath catchy headlines, memorable jingles and an attractive web page. These words bring meaning and build trust.

More specifically, content represents your brand and its unique personality to the readership. And, Internet browsers seek material they can relate to and believe in, even when it is guised in the search for a gadget. In other words, as a whole, we want to know that the products and services we choose matter.

In other words, copy attracts and draws traffic with a sense of trustworthiness. Content services write words which become familiar, trusted friends on a road filled with strangers. And, this allows your brand to gently influence a reader’s way of living as a friend would. Note: This is a privileged relationship, treat it with care.

Destination: Loyal Customer

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Effective copywriting services drive traffic with relevant and compelling content which leads to action. Further, this copy keeps customers engaged which breeds loyalty. And, both offer you a relationship with prospects and customers beneficial to all involved.

The wisdom in seeking help in this area proves itself in the numbers. For instance, conversion rates climb six times higher for businesses using content marketing. And, 60 percent of marketers consistently, daily post new content.

To keep up with the competition, hiring copywriter services may prove essential. And, you would be in good company. In fact, 73 percent of organizations hire someone to handle their content strategy while 86 percent of highly effective businesses do the same.

Again, it is that important.

The flow of traffic to your site is important to us as well. For help on getting the right traffic flowing to and parking on your site, contact us today for a trial (which includes a money-back guarantee).

P.S. We would love to hear from you! Start a dialogue below by telling us your struggles with content and its ability to successfully drive traffic. And, share this post with a friend to get their voice heard as well.


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