Contrary Thinking: Stop Following the Crowd

by Gabe Arnold

Everyone is doing Facebook advertising. Everyone says social media marketing is the way to go. Everyone is doing email marketing. Really? Who are these everyone people anyway? Do they run your business every day?

Every entrepreneur needs to step back and really think about what they are doing. What are you focused on today? Is it something that you know to be effective, or is it something that everyone else is doing right now?

It’s dangerous to follow the crowd when you really should be focusing on the unique value that your business offers. What do you do that really stands out for your customers? What can you bring to this big wide world that no one else can bring? Those are the questions that you need to ask yourself today.

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, and keep focused on the things that you do that are totally unique. We don’t need another look alike company. We need one that truly offers an authentic and unique service that adds value. Remember that when you feel pressured into doing what everyone else is doing.

Today is a great day to stop following the crowd. Don’t you think so?

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