You May Be Able to Pull Off Effective Content Writing Online But Should You?

by Gabe Arnold

So, the stats and facts convince you of the value of content writing online. You believe digital marketing and all things copy provide solutions for your business today and carry you into the future. With the increasing demands for quality SEO articles and blogs, you understand that you must step up your game to remain competitive.

The decision now becomes whether to outsource, hire for or take on this vital task yourself. How do you know which is the best for you and your company? What factors weigh in on this decision?

Author Lysa Terkeurst published a book titled, The Best Yes. Its tagline well sums up our discussion here, Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands.

Endless demands present? Yes. Wise decisions needed? Yes.

Two common elements in the human experience. In fact, does this not occur daily? Each day my mind is required to make decisions on what to wear and eat, what time to leave the house, the direction to head. Does a workout fit the schedule?

And, these are just the nuts and bolts of life. Even larger issues loom. What are your career goals and steps to get there? How do you determine the best balance of family and work? Where is your child’s anger coming from and what help is needed?

Whew. Maybe listing these things out is not a good idea. My heart is beating faster, and the list is far from complete.

What this exercise does prove is the endless decisions on our minds. Focusing on content creation in this context, how do we make these choices? How do we decide which way to go in curating content?

Your Best Yes

In Lysa’s book, she reminds readers that every yes is a no to something else. Think of it this way: The yes to watching my nieces over the weekend, frees me to say no to the party I dreaded attending. I cannot attend both. (And, I am relieved to present a plausible reason.)

However, many times the options are both positive. For instance, the yes to my nieces means no to a weekend at the beach with friends. Hmmm…now that is a harder sell.

While this concept requires much more time to unravel (Read the book!), the heart of it claims that agreeing to one task or relationship takes you out of the running for another. And, this activity could be something valuable, something you were meant to do.

Now, just so you are not tempted to hang in waiting mode for fear of missing out, Lysa encourages you in each decision to find your best yes. Given your mission, what should receive your yes, and which activities get a no?

Finding Your Yes in Content Writing Online

Clearly, quality content plays a vital role in your digital marketing campaign. There needs to be a yes to taking this on. But, should that yes be spoken by your lips? Which other tasks do you say no to when you do the work yourself?

To understand just what it takes to say yes, let’s overview the skills, time and perspective needed to produce your own copy.


To compose traffic-generating content, you first need to be able to write. A no-brainer, yes. But, what other skills are needed?

  • Writing to an audience.
  • Adaptability of voice and style.
  • Knowledge of best SEO practices.
  • Quick research habits.
  • Editing skills.
  • Ability to analyze data.
  • Confidence to make changes.

Of course, speed, time management and focus underlie each of these skills as well.


Of course, the next no-brainer is time expenditure. Assessing your ability to handle content creation in light of this precious commodity proves wise. What factors impact your time?

  • Writing.
  • Research.
  • Editing.
  • Posting frequency.
  • Comment responses.
  • Analytics.

Check out 16 experts answer: How long should it take to write a blog post? for feedback on writing timeframes.


Finally, do you have something to say? Let me pose the idea that your vested interest in the business gives you plenty to write about and with a passion that no one else possesses. This valuable commodity is often overlooked.

Your unique perspective breeds unique content unlike that of your competitors if it meets a need of your audience, and it effects change in your readers. However, keep in mind that writing every post is not necessary to get your all-important message out. You can accomplish this through a ghost writer who works closely with you or in periodic posts written in your own voice.

What Will You Say Yes To?

So, how do you line up? Does your skill level promise high-quality content? Is your time best spent writing copy or does it call you elsewhere? Can you imbue your perspective in ways other than composing blogs weekly?

In short, what is your best yes in terms of content?

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