Is Your Content Marketing Missing the Mark? Here’s How You Can Fix It

by Gabe Arnold

Is your business posting great content that’s generating leads, but not seeing follow through that leads to buying decisions? Are the demands for new campaign content from your sales team outstripping your capabilities? If either of these questions have a familiar ring to them, your organization might need to look at re-aligning your content marketing to boost your ROI and your sales revenue. Here are some ways you can improve your content marketing so that your content marketing is firing on all cylinders and making an impact on both sales goals and customer follow through.

Document Your Marketing Strategy


One of the fundamentals of success is putting goals into writing. By the same token, if you don’t write down and document your progress towards a goal, you are not going to have any valid measurement of success. Documenting your content marketing strategy helps your business stay focused whether you are looking at your short game or the long haul. It also provides a context for your content and how it measures up to the overall strategy. Write down your strategy, and plan out a content calendar for both daily and weekly planning. Furthermore, you need to implement content audits to determine the effectiveness of your content, and put descriptions of your audience personas into your overall marketing strategy. A formalized marketing plan clarifies your strategy for your organization and potential customers/investors.

Purposeful Content

All content needs to be created with one purpose in common: a call to action. It doesn’t matter if your content is intended to generate leads, drive engagement, or increase brand awareness. All content needs to provide your potential customers with a reason to click and buy, share, or sign up for more information. Research from the Content Marketing Institute indicates that 84% of content marketers view brand awareness the most vital objective of content marketing.  Focusing on giving your customers a reason to engage with your content based on boosting your brand awareness should be your primary goal.

Quality Over Quantity


High quality content, be it an infographic or a blog post, needs to be as appealing as possible to meet your expectations. When producing a blog post, here are some goals to increase quality:

  • No grammatical errors
  • Proper, consistent formatting
  • Images should be relevant and appealing
  • Content serves a specific purpose
  • Content implements a strong call to action
  • Topic is suitable and targeted to your intended audience
  • A strong hook engages and orients readers

SEO Matters

Your content is meaningless if you are not getting found by your target audience when they make searches online. As your quality and quantity of content increases, your search ranking will increase as well, but this does not guarantee an increase in traffic. A focus on search engine optimization for all your content is essential to making sure your marketing strategy is as effective as possible.

Do Not Ignore Your Audience

Documenting your marketing strategy and auditing quality of content while implementing SEO is all well and good, but it does no good if you don’t pay attention to what content is most attractive to your audience. Relevance is key to determining suitability, and when you do not contextualize your content you are wasting time and marketing dollars. No business benefits from losses, so learning what is most relevant to your target market is essential. Before you start collecting data about what makes constitutes the best content for your audience, you need to learn everything you can about your target market. This starts with creating or updating your buyer personas that you use when creating new content. The process of persona analysis creates a deeper connection with their needs, habits, and preferences when consuming new content. It may also be useful to create a map of your buyer’s journey so you can measure the effectiveness of your content in each phase of that journey, boosting your content’s impact and guiding future content creation.

Test New Ideas


It is essential not to overlook the testing phase of any marketing strategy, as it allows you to make useful conclusions regarding many aspects of your overall strategy. Whether you are planning, formatting, or implementing, testing is essential. Here are some methods worth testing:

  • Email marketing (to improve effectiveness)
  • Content Calendar (to discover the best content schedule)
  • Content types (to find what content resonates best with your audience)
  • Call-to-action (to verify your CTA is getting the results you want)
  • Headlines (to select the headlines that will have the most impact)
  • Visual content (to determine which images are most suitable)
  • Timing (in order to pick the best times for content delivery)
  • Engagement (to find which content is creating the most engagement)

Testing should occur regularly using a varied number of metrics in order to determine what methods are the most successful in carrying out your marketing strategy.

Altogether, if you are not confident that your marketing strategy is proving effective, it may be time to consider bringing on a third party to produce high quality content that trends and earns for you. Use these points of comparison and determine where your plan or strategy may be lacking, and then contact us so we  can help you make your content marketing hit the mark every time.

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