Content Creation: Five Things to Realize about Your Audience

by Gabe Arnold

It’s no secret that content creation is by far one of the best ways to keep your readers engaged in what you have to say. To be completely honest, it’s not an easy task. You don’t want to come off as someone who is constantly in their face, saying, “Look at me! Look at me!” The question then becomes – how do you get people interested in what you have to say? We can extend this question by asking – how do you keep people interested?

Both of these questions are excellent and need to be asked. In fact, the livelihood of your blog depends on it. As you keep coming up with blog posts and keep updating your site with fresh information, will you continue to have readers? Will you find people who are interested in what you have to say? How do we get to that point? Here are five different things you need to realize about your audience to get and keep their attention.

1. Keep it on Their Reading Level

When picking up your local newspaper, what grade level is it normally written on? How is it that newspapers can always write articles that the majority of the public can quickly read, understand, and absorb? The job of the press is no different from the role of the blogger – to get readers’ attention and to keep it. That being said, here’s their secret: they write at a fifth-grade reading level.

I hear what you’re thinking – what about your blog? Take an audit of your blog. If you run a website/blog where your audience consists of physicians, then you don’t need to write on a fifth-grade reading level. However, for the majority of people trying to reach the public, a fifth-grade reading level is perfect. In the case that you have a more high-brow, targeted audience, however, avoid writing on a fifth-grade reading level.

2. Their Attention Span Is A Few Split Seconds

Take a look at your landing pages. Are they engaging? This is an excellent opportunity to use stock photos. You’ll be hard-pressed to get any new readers for your blog if hit them with a page full of text. Keep things short, brief, and to the point. Incorporate pictures as it guides the eye and keeps people interested. Their attention span is very short. While it’s not difficult to get their attention within that short window, many people fail at it.

3. Give Away Valuable Information in Snippets

One of the best ways to become an authority in your field is to take the best information that you have at your fingertips – all of it – and divide it up into blog posts. And then – wait for it – give it away. You may think that you’re giving away your secrets that you think people should pay for, but it will have the opposite effect. People will look at you and think to themselves, “This guy knows what he’s talking about.”

4. Be Pleasantly Persistent

To keep people coming back, you need to be pleasantly persistent. This means that you need to make them aware of your presence without being in their face. To do so, you need to post frequently. Take your best information, divide it into topics, and spend some time writing about each topic. When you have about 20 blog posts ready to go, start posting them about twice a week. In the meantime, while you’re posting content, continue to write and think of new content. An excellent way to foster new content is to take your content and do some research on other people’s view of that same content.

Oh yeah, don’t forget – by posting twice a week, you’re practicing search engine optimization techniques. Search engines like it when you frequently post fresh content. Your content needs to be potent and powerful enough to spawn conversations between people. When you can relate to people, content often goes viral. BuzzFeed is a great example of this – their videos go viral all the time because they produce content that relates to people.

5. Connect Blog Posts

Have you seen those shows on the major cable networks that say, “Previously on…” They do that to connect episodes together because it keeps people interested. It creates a larger conversation. If you were to connect your blog posts in such a way to say, “Previously, I wrote about…” – you would be creating conversation-invoking content. Presenting your content in this way allows you to relates to people, which will in turn make your content will be talked about, retweeted, and reposted. It’s a great way to get people coming back to find out what happens in the next “episode” or blog post.

If you need help creating content that is engaging, responsive, and can get your point across to an audience who will read it, look no further than Copywriter Today. Our team of premium writers is dedicated to pushing your blog to the top. After all, isn’t that why you’re in business? To get to the top?

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