Learn From 7 Companies Successfully Using a Compelling Mission to Effectively Inform Their Blog

by Gabe Arnold

Do you sometimes run out of inspiration when writing a blog, curating topics for a blog writing service or creating other content?

Me too.

I have good news to stimulate your creativity anew. Get this: Mission gives you a point from which to leap, the inspiration which promises effective, can’t miss content topics.

Understanding your company’s mission (or, your personal mission for independent bloggers) unites your team and therefore, your content around one goal. Without this piece of information, you are likely to wander down rabbit trails and onto detours.

While you may eventually reach your intended destination, this route takes more time. And, truthfully, you are likely to get lost.

The scenic, wandering route may prove picturesque and worth the adventure on vacation. However, in business, this hit or miss approach tends to be frustrating or altogether defeating.

So, here’s the scoop:

A compelling mission effectively informs and directs blog content.

And, this focus gives birth to creativity. After all, passion drives your mission. It is the very heart of why you do what you do.

Let’s look at this in action.

Understanding Effective Mission

A strong mission statement identifies the end goal, your definition of success. In other words, this small but valuable statement whispers what you hope your company to be and what you intend to accomplish.

Regarding digital presence, this whisper informs your content. While the mission may be quietly written at the bottom of a page or in an About section, the whole of your site should reveal this underlying focus.

In other words, when browsing your site and skimming your content, viewing your mission statement should bring readers to a “well, of course, that makes sense” moment. Yes, the whisper informs your efforts and the shout comes from the content.

What is Included in a Mission? 

To draft an effective mission, you must know where you are headed (your vision) and where you are currently. Also, you need to recognize the audience you are targeting.

More specifically, powerful mission statements include three vital components. As you draft or revise yours, be sure to include your company:

  • Purpose
  • Direction
  • Values

In other words, answer the following questions:

  • What do you hope to accomplish through this company?
  • Which actions will bring this desire to fruition?
  • What values or beliefs guide your company?

Let’s ask it another way:

  • Who or what matters to you?
  • What action will you take?
  • What improvements do you want to see?

Answering these questions with brevity, clarity and precision benefits you in the long-run. As stated by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, “Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.” And, the same holds true for your company.

But, what role does the resulting mission play in curating your blog content?

How Does Mission Impact Your Blog?

Keeping your mission statement in mind helps define and focus your work. But, this key information also does the same for your content. For instance, a compelling mission statement:

  • Narrows the wide range of industry topics on which you blog.
  • Helps plan your editorial calendar.
  • Offers parameters for saying no to content which falls outside your mission.

In brief, a concise mission raises the effectiveness of your blog.

Let’s see this in action.

7 Companies Successfully Making the Mission-Blog Connection

Learning from one another improves our content. And, the inspiration of excellent mission-blog connections teaches us how to better connect with our audiences.

Visit (with me) these seven companies with strong mission statements, and check out how this focus impacts their blogs. Be sure to actually view the blog content, and make your own assessment.

Ready for some inspiration?


Likely the broadest of mission statements discussed here, TreeHugger dedicates itself to “to driving sustainability mainstream.” And, one click onto TreeHugger.com reveals that this incorporates “green news, solutions and product information.”

Whew! That is a task. While the statement is simple and focused, the resulting reach is wide, really all things green.

But, TreeHugger narrows its mission with how it tackles the topic at hand. By limiting itself to “an up to the minute blog, weekly and daily newsletters, and regularly updated Twitter and Facebook pages,” this company disseminates the information needed to fulfill its mission.

The TreeHugger Mission-Blog Connection

The division of this company’s blog into categories brings order to a wide range of topics addressed within this mission. With a group of writers, TreeHugger posts near-daily under the headings of design, living, science, technology, transportation business and energy.

Perusing the plentiful blog offerings reveals a multitude of writing. And, this variety ensures reader engaging content which interests and inspires. TreeHugger focuses well a wide mission statement reaching its audience which pursues sustainable living.


The mission of Patagonia reflects values relating to better products and a better world. This seemingly dual focus comes together in a targeted effort to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

For instance, high-quality clothing, packs and gear lives even longer through the company’s Worn Wear program which repairs and recycles weathered items. And, the recycled and sustainable materials used to create the products honor the whole of the mission.

From this statement, the purpose, direction and values of Patagonia are clear. And, exploring Patagonia.com gives a view of the mission in action beyond marketing success. Through the donation of time, services and sales, consumers are encouraged to answer the call as part of an environmental crisis solution.

The Patagonia Mission-Blog Connection

The Cleanest Line, the well-written Patagonia blog, remains true to the company’s active surfing and climbing roots with a constant eye on the mission. In these postings, readers find articles which educate on materials, inspire involvement in environmental efforts and offer innovative perspectives to simplify life.

This focused story weaving speaks directly to the audience Patagonia intends to reach. And, by avoiding the rabbit trails, the message comes to the reader loudly as if echoing across a canyon of clutter-free living.

Honest Tea

The mission of this company focuses on product quality with the values of honesty, integrity and sustainability. To be specific, the statement reads, “Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our recipes, with sustainability and great taste for all.”

Expanding on the company’s original quest to quench thirst with a less sweet, flavorful beverage, Honest Tea answers the call of the consumer for a chemical free drink. And, to demonstrate loyalty to the mission, a yearly Mission Report is published to demonstrate transparency with the company’s business practices.

Browsing the site, HonestTea.com, reveals deeper integration of the mission. The values of honesty, integrity and sustainability find their way into the company’s repurposed and sustainable office practices and sponsored recycling events as well.

The Honest Tea Mission-Blog Connection

With a mission focused on the product of Honest Tea, the blogs of this brand hold this focal point steady as well. Yes, expect to find plenty of entries on the integrity of ingredients, the products themselves and recipes involving these organic beverages.

And, with honesty and integrity lying at the core of this mission statement, an occasional quick read on honest resolutions or the like may appear. Or, you may discover encouragement to engage in the mission yourself through giveaways and Twitter parties.


The JetBlue mission sums up with the words “inspiring humanity.” While quick and easy to remember, the idea behind this phrase entails bringing humanity back to the air travel experience.

The simplicity of this mission remains two-fold. Exceeding the limits of customer service in the sky and charitable actions on the ground further define the mission and actions of this company. And, dynamic support backs these words with plenty of JetBlue initiatives such as Soar With Reading and the JetBlue Foundation.

Plus, the mission goes beyond the company. Calls to action encourage jetblue.com visitors to get involved as well by volunteering or donating TrueBlue points.

The JetBlue Mission-Blog Connection

One click on the JetBlue blog calms the spirit. And, the entry titles reveal an interest in an excellent customer experience, the heart of this company’s mission. Readers learn tips for avoiding jet lag, overcoming a fear of flying or hints for traveling with a baby.

Further catering to the consumer, articles on travel destinations, scenic locations and hidden gems ignite the passion for flying. And, the plentiful use of infographics and photographs make reading the informative, well-written text a breeze.


The music industry cries for fair compensation. And, music officiandos call for easy, affordable digital tunes. Spotify answers both with its mission to “give people access to all the music they want all the time – in a completely legal and accessible way.”

Clear and concise, this statement hits all the goals of a mission. And, one visit to spotify.com reveals how this company provides a viable solution which is winning over the musicians and producers as well as 100 million users.

Furthermore, to sweeten the pot for musicians, data and analytics offer insight for career builders. And, the heart of those producing hits remains guarded.

The Spotify Mission-Blog Connection

Spotify successfully addresses its dual mission focus via two separate blogs. The news blog speaks primarily to the listening audience. Blogging on subjects ranging from how weather affects music listening to workout playlists, Spotify spins easily read, short posts which tap into the interests of listeners.

But, look a little further and you will discover a separate blog for musicians. With topics such as choosing an excellent artist image, making the best use of Spotify features such as Fan Insights and even hints on driving ticket sales, these postings round out the fulfillment of the mission statement through the blog.


Prototyping, collaboration and workflow around design are the work of this B2B company. A visit to InVisionApp.com reveals the core values of InVision’s mission, “Question Assumptions. Think Deeply. Iterate as a Lifestyle. Details, Details. Design is Everywhere. Integrity.”

The brief, no-nonsense wording of this mission and across the site content breeds a sense of trust in this company, a nod to its core value of integrity. In other words, you emerge from reading to believe InVision lives out its mission. Even the attention to details in regard to employees demonstrates a focus on the mission.

The InVision Mission-Blog Connection

With engaging copy, the blog relays the mission though articles addressing each of the company’s values. For instance, assumptions are challenged with articles on working while experiencing depression.

Furthermore, thinking deeply on the whole of the team such as board exec involvement and the marriage of design and development broadens reader think tanks.  And, articles on designing for the senses and innovative technologies remind of the value of details. Yes, InVision works each component of is mission into the blog content.

Life Is Good

The mission of Life is Good goes beyond creating peppy t-shirts, morning coffee mugs and other home goods which quip bright optimism. In fact, one stroll around lifeisgood.com reveals that this company’s catchy quotes and feel good graphics are more than mere creativity.

These products are the vehicle for sharing the Life is Good message. Direct and easy to remember, this community shares the mission “to spread the power of optimism.” And, this involves eagerly and intentionally looking toward solutions, progress and growth.

Furthermore, this company acts on its mission. First, Life is Good encourages consumers to post via Twitter and Instagram the good happenings in their daily lives with the opportunity to be featured on the site. And second, the mission-supporting Life is Good Kids Foundation gives financially to better the lives of children.

The Life is Good Mission-Blog Connection

Just like the products across this website, be prepared for the quirky and inspiring to leap from the blog. The clear Life is Good mission focuses their blog efforts with a bit of a twist.

Rather than getting too wordy, this company shares video stories. In other words, the Life is Good mission in action. And, this content proves again that this company goes beyond the words on its products to empower others with optimism. Good Stories, Good Vibes and Good Times share inspiration in the lives of others, encourage the practice of optimism and prompt readers to get active.

Help From a Blog Writing Service

With my own mission of positivity and inspiration, I will let you find examples of weak mission statements and the weak blogs they produce. Today, I am inspired by these stellar examples of clearly successful matches between strong mission statements and blog content.

Just looking at these postings and their focus around a succinct mission statement gets me fired up. Plus, the creative ways in which each company approaches blogging makes me want to mix it up when I write as well.

What about you? Are you inspired to write?

If so, get started! Pen your mission statement more clearly if needed. Then, write blogs that reveal your purpose, direction and values while speaking to your intended audience.

Not so confident? Give Copywriter Today a buzz. A free consultation awaits you whether you need a clear, focused mission statement, mission-focused blog headline ideas or full blog content.

Our blog writing service is at your service. It is what we love to do!

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