Boosting Team Communication (and Settling Nerves) in Outsourcing Remote SEO Copywriting Services

by Gabe Arnold

Your hands are tied. Your brain is tapped. The company workforce is maxed out. And, the clock ticks with no room to breathe.

Is now the time to tackle all that is involved with employees and contractors working off-site to outsource your SEO services?

If your skills or time have bottomed out, the answer is “yes”. When your bottom line needs a boost or your web presence lacks luster, the answer is “yes”. (For more reasons to outsource, check out Gabe’s blog titled 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing.)

However, I can understand your hesitation. The transition to hiring remote workers proves a real deal for traditional work settings. Like all life changes, this shift requires stamina, flexibility, a plan, measuring goal achievement and the ability to negotiate obstacles along the way.

But, the divide can be bridged, the gap closed, the chasm traversed. Grab a cup of courage and let’s journey together.

Nervous Hesitations in Hiring SEO Copywriting Services

Identifying your hesitations and researching their validity proves vital. Are your nerves founded in truth or misperception? You may be concerned about:

  • Losing control of content or direction.
  • Finding affordable SEO services.
  • Identifying quality remote workers.
  • Or, decreased productivity.

But, each of these hesitations is addressed by a single solution: Ample, effective communication.

In a colleague’s article, 5 Steps to Stop Being Scared of SEO Outsourcing, Stephanie clearly lays out the action steps required to face this fear. Steps two and three state to make a plan and take action.

Let’s consider how to do so regarding concerns around communicating with remote teams.

You Can Effectively Communicate Remotely

To be real, communicating with remote workers offers its challenges. After all, the lack of a conference room, water cooler or corporate lunch room, hinders the natural conversation and relationship building components of the office.

However, with significant advances in technology and companies catering to this growing workforce, the methods exist to communicate well. Even from far reaches of the world, teams connect and simultaneously work on projects.

The Methods

So, where lies this power? And, how can you access it?

Establish Buy in.

If your entire team fails to see the need for communicating via technology, the battle will be hard fought. Work to get every team member believing in the intrinsic value of digital communication. And, encourage engagement with the technology which enhances it.

Be Intentional With It.

Deliberate communication with remote workers is key to remaining on top of projects, holding focus and keeping track of the company. And, with everyone sitting in a different “office” this proves even more necessary. Furthermore, learning to clearly communicate through mediums absent of tone and body language requires time and intent.

Intermix Face-to-Face.

Social media, text and the like offer practical communication solutions for those working outside office walls. However, we must be aware that face-to-face interaction still proves valuable. Quick idea exchange and problem-solving, as well as multi-person conference calls, tend to work best when verbally hashed out. Try solutions such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

Get Creative. 

Incorporate multimedia options into your communication. For instance, use Skype to simulate face-to-face interactions. Share videos and photos in a safe workspace. Conduct Facebook Live on Workplace to get to know each other’s voice and face. Or, find whole team chat-compatible tools such as

Add Much Ado About Nothing. 

The office atmosphere lends to employees building relationship through chatter around the weekend’s activities, family events, life stories or nothingness. Build these conversations into your technological communications. And, give remote workers space to (appropriately) get to know about one another and the things important to them.

Respect Each Other’s Space.

One of the values of remote work is the quiet and space to work without interruption. While technology affords 24/7 access to colleagues, being able to “close the door” to work needs protects productivity and personal life. Accessing technologies to indicate that you are unavailable for a time tells others the best time to interrupt you.

The Madness

So, that doesn’t sound too hard? But, is it that easy?

  • Patience: Shifting processes and effective change take time. And, growing accustomed to working remotely proves no exception. Be patient, even learn from the process. Do not short change the experience and be flexible to adjust along the way.
  • Grace: Some employees require more time and teaching to grasp new methods of interaction and use them. Give grace. When outsourcing, a company’s expertise should pave the way for smoother communication. In these cases, give yourself grace as you catch up.

Take Hold of the Power of Remote Communication

With the ability to tap into effective communication, you hold the power to claim the benefits of remote work for your company. Make a plan and take action to eliminate your hesitations around communication and remote work. Your team and your calendar will thank you.

Let me offer you a free consultation if you want to delve into hiring SEO copywriting services. Just contact us, and we get to work for you.

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