The CJ Show Episode 5: Promoting Your Content Through Social Media

by Gabe Arnold

Content marketing is playing a larger role than ever in the business world and marketing through social media platforms has become a necessity. Regardless of the field or industry your business is in, if you’re not making a name for yourself through social media, you are nonexistent when it comes to an online presence.

During today’s show. Colleen and Jeffrey will break down different commonly used strategies that are successful when it comes to promoting content through social media. Without creating a strategy and a plan for how your business is going to use these networks and platforms, the efforts could result in wasting valuable time and money.

Using social media as a means of advertising is an investment. Without determining both a list of goals you are trying to accomplish and a plan of action for achieving success, your business will not be able to accomplish much through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A common misconception that several businesses have is that they will be able to bring about the desired results overnight. This idea simply doesn’t happen, creating the need for a long-term strategy.

If this is an area that your company or business could use some extra help, contact us at Copywriter Today to schedule a free consultation. We have put together specific teams that focus their attention on creating content for social media campaigns.

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