Whether You Hate Writing, or Love It, You Need It

You may also find yourself in the position of having a blog that needs content, but you yourself may not like writing, or you may even hate it. For those who don’t enjoy it, writing can be a laborious and even mentally painful task. So why … Read more

Blogs Are Important

It’s worthwhile to review some of the many reasons why blogs are so crucial to the success of any online business. Possibly the biggest single advantage they provide is that blogs work even during the hours that no one else does: nights, weekends, holidays, etc. … Read more

How to Copywrite When You are Not a Copywriter

The word is out. Proclaimed across the web and beyond. Content matters. Yes, knowing how to copywrite makes a difference. Yet, here you sit. A business person. A web developer. A design guru. And, while you have impressive skills, balance a gazillion plates, brave uncharted waters … Read more

“Are You Doing Content Marketing The Right Way?”

First off, what is content marketing? Essentially, content marketing is the successor to the dying practice of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing was the go-to marketing strategy of the Pre-Information Age world. Traditional marketing included radio ads, magazine ads, and television commercials, all of which can … Read more