SEO Writing Companies Effectively Blend Old and New to Boost Results

I have seen it in academic institutions, coaching settings, businesses and more. The new (often younger though not always), energetic leaders take up residence. The slate is wiped clean and filled with innovative and newly researched strategies. How does this thinking impact SEO writing companies? The problem I see in any work environment is trifold. … Read more

Marketing Brochure Tips You Need From a Quality Brochure Copywriter

While the pull of going paperless proves strong, printed marketing materials still draw significant attention. And, not done well, these pieces negatively impact your campaign. An effective brochure copywriter knows just what you need in this old-school format. You may face considerable doubt as to whether printed brochures are worth the investment. But, keep in … Read more

Bravely Battling the Heat of Online Content Writing to Achieve Results

The pressure of online content writing brings heat to the degree of fire at times. Deadlines, audience demands, lead potential and pending revenues scream for you to curate more and more copy. Battling this natural element of the creative process threatens to overwhelm, even defeat. Fortunately, surviving this heat is more than possible. Not long … Read more

It’s Not Me or You. Amicably Divorcing Your Digital Content Marketing Writer

Your marketing writer spins out content week after week to boost your web presence and drive traffic. Unfortunately, you notice that the copy is driving consumers in the wrong direction. Perhaps even into the competitor’s open Web arms. To be honest, sometimes working partnerships loose their steam. Maybe your business goals shifted and your content writer finds the adjustment difficult. Perhaps the relationship started rocky and … Read more

Lessons From Dad on Being a Marketing Content Writer

Dad worked as a machine operator, not a marketing content writer. His hobbies include snowmobiling and rebuilding vintage cars. Writing and all disciplines considered artistically creative lay outside his toolbox. His neat, all caps penned words appear only in the form of lists and scratched figures for plan calculations. Stories cross his path in the … Read more

Ways to Snag Cheap Copywriting Services Prices Without Losing Quality

With the increased demand for web copy, copywriting services seem a valuable time and revenue-generating investment. But, copywriting services prices or the cost of a copywriter prove enough to scare even the fearless back to writing their own content. (No matter the resource drain.) The human effort, time, energy and talent required to create quality … Read more

Results You Need! Editing of Sales Letter Copywriting That Converts

Drafting great copy requires creativity. But, there is more to it than that alone. In the realm of business content, sales letter copywriting appears more like a well-oiled machine than a creative work of art. Well-oiled machine? What creativity is there in that? Let me explain. Well-written sales letters first and foremost require: Clarity. Brevity. Accuracy. Relevance. … Read more

Mission Boldly Champions a Freelance Content Writer (and Your Copy)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to populate the web with compelling copy. The hero of choice? Fearless Freelance Content Writer. The villain? Captain Chaos. But, Fearless Freelance requires a powerful weapon to accomplish the mission. And, a mission statement proves to be just such an instrument. These targeted weapons go by … Read more