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We’ve explained how our copywriting services can help your business, but perhaps the best way to really understand the value our business writing delivers is to experience it firsthand. If you want to find out exactly what it’s like to work with the Copywriter Today team and learn more about the value our copywriting delivers, … Read more

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Copywriter?

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to be a copywriter? The answer is, very possibly, yes. Copywriting has quickly become a massive industry, that’s due to the various websites, blogs, email marketing, advertisements, catalogs and more. These days, more businesses are finding the need to hire a copywriter to write their content … Read more

Rescue Your Copy: Use Marketing Technology to Navigate the Digital Jungle

Marketing Technology

What to expect in this guide: 1. A Bird? A Plane? What is this Marketing Technology? Whether you know it as marketing technology or the hip “martech”, no digital campaign succeeds without the tools housed in this category. This section clarifies what is meant by this modern day digital hero. 2. Pairing Innovative Technology With … Read more

Lead-Generating Business Marketing: How to Marry Inbound Marketing With Engaging Copy

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Guide: Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Two Peas in the Same Pod More alike than they are different, both business marketing techniques will help grow your company. For both to succeed, one thing is key: great copy. Learn why in this section. Making the Web Work: Enhancing Online Copy Billions … Read more

Do You Need Inspiration or a Marketing Content Writer?

A marketing content writer spins inspirational web and print copy endlessly. True or false? False. In reality, even the most successful creatives struggle with inspiration occasionally. Plenty of lackluster ideas, drafts and even finished concepts get tossed aside. And, the same is true for business owners, marketers, accountants and, well, everyone. Inspiration helps solve problems … Read more

Bravely Battling the Heat of Online Content Writing to Achieve Results

The pressure of online content writing brings heat to the degree of fire at times. Deadlines, audience demands, lead potential and pending revenues scream for you to curate more and more copy. Battling this natural element of the creative process threatens to overwhelm, even defeat. Fortunately, surviving this heat is more than possible. Not long … Read more

It’s Not Me or You. Amicably Divorcing Your Digital Content Marketing Writer

Your marketing writer spins out content week after week to boost your web presence and drive traffic. Unfortunately, you notice that the copy is driving consumers in the wrong direction. Perhaps even into the competitor’s open Web arms. To be honest, sometimes working partnerships loose their steam. Maybe your business goals shifted and your content writer finds the adjustment difficult. Perhaps the relationship started rocky and … Read more

Lessons From Dad on Being a Marketing Content Writer

Dad worked as a machine operator, not a marketing content writer. His hobbies include snowmobiling and rebuilding vintage cars. Writing and all disciplines considered artistically creative lay outside his toolbox. His neat, all caps penned words appear only in the form of lists and scratched figures for plan calculations. Stories cross his path in the … Read more