Rescue Your Copy: Use Marketing Technology to Navigate the Digital Jungle

Marketing Technology

What to expect in this guide: 1. A Bird? A Plane? What is this Marketing Technology? Whether you know it as marketing technology or the hip “martech”, no digital campaign succeeds without the tools housed in this category. This section clarifies what is meant by this modern day digital hero. 2. Pairing Innovative Technology With … Read more

Jump In! The Deeper Content Your Business Marketing Strategy Needs for Success

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Guide: 1. E-books, White Papers and Reference Guides: The Perfect Pieces to Get your Feet Wet E-books, white papers and reference guides give consumers the information they want. While you may be intimidated, check out this section to discover how prepared you already are to begin giving your audience … Read more

Lead-Generating Business Marketing: How to Marry Inbound Marketing With Engaging Copy

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Guide: Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Two Peas in the Same Pod More alike than they are different, both business marketing techniques will help grow your company. For both to succeed, one thing is key: great copy. Learn why in this section. Making the Web Work: Enhancing Online Copy Billions … Read more

Do You Need Inspiration or a Marketing Content Writer?

A marketing content writer spins inspirational web and print copy endlessly. True or false? False. In reality, even the most successful creatives struggle with inspiration occasionally. Plenty of lackluster ideas, drafts and even finished concepts get tossed aside. And, the same is true for business owners, marketers, accountants and, well, everyone. Inspiration helps solve problems … Read more

SEO Writing Companies Effectively Blend Old and New to Boost Results

I have seen it in academic institutions, coaching settings, businesses and more. The new (often younger though not always), energetic leaders take up residence. The slate is wiped clean and filled with innovative and newly researched strategies. How does this thinking impact SEO writing companies? The problem I see in any work environment is trifold. … Read more

Marketing Brochure Tips You Need From a Quality Brochure Copywriter

While the pull of going paperless proves strong, printed marketing materials still draw significant attention. And, not done well, these pieces negatively impact your campaign. An effective brochure copywriter knows just what you need in this old-school format. You may face considerable doubt as to whether printed brochures are worth the investment. But, keep in … Read more