Back-to-School Preparation 101

As we head toward August, it’s time to plan for the kids to head back to school. To help your child succeed in the coming school year, prepare them so they have the tools they need to have a great year in their new grade. A little preparation goes a long way to alleviating stress and making the transition easier.

This preparation starts now as the back-to-school season is upon us. Examine some tips on how to prepare you and your kids for an exciting year.

Good Sleep

During the summer, you probably let the kids stay up later than usual. Get them back on an appropriate sleep schedule for school. Good rest is invaluable when it comes to learning, and your kids need enough sleep to have great days at school.


Prepare both your morning and your children’s morning according to the school schedule. You don’t want to rush around and worry about not having enough time to get everyone ready for the bus or car ride. Plan mornings before the start of the year to make a smoother transition to school start times.

Plan an after-school schedule as well. Homework should be a priority so that children have time for other activities and sports. It’s important for them to do the work, but also have some free time away from school when they can get it. Know what to expect when it comes to homework and when you need to help your kids.


Attend any orientations and confirm what supplies your child needs for the coming year. Buy your children’s required supplies, but not a lot of extra stuff. Remember, your youngsters will have enough to carry in their backpacks already with their textbooks and homework assignments.


Complete any medical exams, physicals and dental exams before the kids go back to school. This limits any time they need to spend away from school during the academic year. Schedule these a few weeks before school returns because these offices are busy with other parents who have the same idea.

Make your children’s lunches well-balanced and healthy. Wholesome foods from home keep your children in good health and help them better focus on their studies.

If you take some time to plan ahead for the school year, your efforts make the transition smoother for your children. The end result is a higher level of success. While preparing for the first day of school, let your youngster enjoy the last bits of summer!