The Secret to Success Often Overlooked

Entrepreneurship often focuses on big ideas. After all, people who decide to go into business for themselves are independent thinkers who want to make a positive impact. But success doesn’t hinge solely on big ideas — paradigm shifts and new technologies are amazing, but customers don’t buy ideas. There’s one fundamental thing every business must … Read more

You Can’t Do it All — Defeating the Myth of the Grind

Search online for motivational videos or advice on how to succeed and one idea will present itself to you over and over again.  Grind.    You’ve probably heard this plenty of times in the last few years. “If you want to succeed, you’ve got to grind.” What does that even mean? Essentially, grind is the … Read more

Get Your First Article for Free

We’ve explained how our copywriting services can help your business, but perhaps the best way to really understand the value our business writing delivers is to experience it firsthand. If you want to find out exactly what it’s like to work with the Copywriter Today team and learn more about the value our copywriting delivers, … Read more

116 Blog Idea Topics to Write About

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing online content targeted to reach a specific audience. Quality content will reach your audience and explain the value your brand provides which will ultimately help to close sales. Blogging for beginners can be a great way to build your brand and increase awareness of your business. … Read more

Do You Love to Write?

Many writers seeking a freelance writing position are frustrated with the available opportunities. Either they don’t pay enough, or they don’t offer high-quality work. Good, fulfilling writing jobs can be hard to get, but Copywriter Today is different. We’ve designed our entire system around securing the very best freelance writing talent, to provide our clients … Read more

Why Blogs are Still One of the Most Important Tools to Increase Traffic to Your Site

There are many tools that you can use to drive traffic to your site: SEO, Local SEO, hyperlinks on partner pages and compliance with search algorithms. One of the most effective ways to gain more traffic to your site, however, is maintaining a blog. While blogging might conjure images of the late 1990’s boom of … Read more

What is Local SEO and Why Do You Need to Include it in Your Content?

Just when you think that you have learned everything there is to know about SEO, something new comes around the corner. In this case, it’s local SEO. When you’re developing your marketing and content strategy, it’s very important to keep in mind that the internet is always in flux. Consumer demand and interests change with … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Copywriter

If you’ve ever been curious about what a copywriter actually does, you’re going to want to read this post. While many believe copywriting is just simply putting words on paper about a particular person, product, or brand, the reality of the job is much more involved. Copywriters produce a broad array of targeted informational or … Read more