May I Ask? What the Heck are Copywriter Services?

by Gabe Arnold

A quizzical expression. A hesitant, I-don’t-want-to-offend-you attitude. A quiet question of, “What does that mean?” All result when I tell people that I write for a team offering copywriter services. It is evident that the title does not elicit clear lightbulbs of understanding. And, how can we determine if a solution works for us if we cannot wrap our minds around it?

So, I thought we would talk web content writing services. After all, the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) 2016 State of the Copywriting Industry Report rattles off statistics supporting its claim that results-oriented content writing is at peak demand. Just as a sample, the “Indexed Web” boasts over 4.57 billion pages with social media garnering millions (billions if you are Facebook) of monthly users. And, 182.9 billion emails are exchanged daily.

And, one glimpse at the Web further affirms the need for quality written copy. Truly, how is any company to get noticed among the stream of information, stories and offers? The task seems monumental if not impossible.

To top it off, the AWAI Report confirms the marketing trend that engaging communication via the Web proves to be a common thread in online success. Furthermore, the group predicts continued growth. The need for skilled copywriters offering their services to businesses is vital to achieving content marketing goals.

But, what services do these copywriters or teams of writers actually provide? Even a list of offerings proves murky in defining the what and how of content writing options. For clarity, let’s look at a bit more detail on what this all means.

Copywriter Services

While web copywriting is easy enough to define as written online copy for the purpose of persuasion and brand awareness, the breadth and depth of this critical arena prove elusive on the surface. At first glance, copywriting efforts seem lumped into one all-inclusive package. However, not all web content writing services are created equal.

Several categories and areas of expertise exist under the heading of copywriter services. It seems content writers are a multi-faceted lot. Just one peek below reveals the extent of knowledge and know-how web copywriters must possess.

Yet, keep in mind, that not all writers hold expert standing in all categories of copywriting. In fact, many specialize or divide their teams to gain in-depth knowledge in more than one arena. Knowing a team’s area of focus and expertise aids in determining a fit between a company’s needs and a team’s skill.

Blog Copywriting


The art of the blog for years now has shared experiences, expressed opinions and gathered followings. But, mix in the desire to earn a return on these skillfully crafted words and copywriting springs to life. According to Copyblogger, this strategic combination of art and science delivers words intended to move people to action.

In other words, the business blog does not exist to simply pour out expressions of one’s personal gray matter. The focus is not on the writer’s opinions (though they may be given), a stream of consciousness or life experiences (though they may be shared). The goal of the content is to reach, answer the needs of or provide information which benefits the reader.

Blog content writers know the value of keeping the reader in front of them. And, writing posts which interest, entertain and provide value to your audience reap rewards. This content generates web traffic, establishes your site’s authority and increases online rankings.

Knowing how to write for an audience of one, use keywords, pen a magnetic headline and provide honest value to readers sets the content writer apart from the traditional blogger. And, there is more. Establishing a company’s voice and branding require the skill of blog writing services.

Email Copywriting


Hundreds of emails flood your inbox daily (if not thousands). This staple of communication works to get your message across to colleagues, employees and friends. It is not rocket science. So, what do copywriter services offer in this regard?

As it turns out, there is a bit of a science if not art behind email marketing efforts. Knowing how to craft words and at times, visuals to grab the reader’s attention requires skill. In fact, without stellar content, emails end up in the virtual trash.

Also, copywriters add marketing knowledge to the mix. After all, a successful email draws the reader, sells the product or service and drives action. Yes, it closes the deal.

Furthermore, subject lines matter. In reality, the words typed in this tiny box may be all the recipeint reads. So, this content needs to grab the reader by the shirt collar and literally drag them to the body of the email. In fact, one company found that an attention-getting subject line increased their email open rate by 23.88 percent.

Crafting clear, actionable, relevant, personalized and beneficial copy in a brief email format falls into the capable hands of content writers. Plus, these services bring expertise to maximize call-to-action buttons. And, writers wrap this all up in a delightful package for readers.

Landing Page Copywriting


Spend any time with your landing page statistics and you will discover the incredible value of this website component. In fact, several experts consider the landing page a must-have first step in any marketing campaign. Information, traffic, leads, conversions and sales come from this web tool.

The intent of landing pages is to capture leads or introduce prospects to your product or service. But, more generally, the goal is to incite action on the part of readers. And, this brings them further into the sales funnel.

In order to do this, content writer services develop compelling content on your landing pages. With marketing and writing skills, writers gently, but powerfully lead visitors to go another click forward. With one clear goal per landing page, readers fully understand the next step to be taken.

This requires expertise along several fronts. Landing page content writers need to be versed in marketing strategies, the types of landing pages, quality content characteristics, your target audience, link-message matching and more. Molding all of this into one cohesive landing page campaign, copywriters get the job done.

Micro Copywriting


With all the focus on landing pages, compelling content, headlines and all things obvious, the tiny text of web marketing often gets overlooked. So, what exactly is it?

Microcopy includes the snippets of text which ask prospects to fill out information, offer explanations of errors or, in other words, encourage an action. For instance, this type of text might pop to explain for what purposes a requested phone number will be used. Or, it may remind customers to enter credit card information as it appears on their card.

It might be easy to think that these short requests prove fairly standard and of little consequence. However, this microcopy proves significant in boosting conversion rates and consumer loyalty. In fact, it may be your only reader interaction.

Through well-crafted microcopy, copywriters give readers a sense of your professionalism, attention to detail, your voice, even your care for the audience. Plus, tiny copy potentially relaxes consumers with a bit of humor. This human touch feels personal, builds trust and improves conversions.

Microcopy truly illustrates the power of words. Think small but mighty. And, you have an accurate impression of this web tool. Content services which value these details engage readers to click further down the funnel rather than off the page.

Social Media Copywriting


The blazing speed at which social media has stormed the world leaves little doubt that it is a place to get noticed. And, return on investment statistics illustrate the power of this format over print and television campaigns. Taking advantage of these tools in marketing and branding seems an obvious choice.

However, communicating effectively via social media proves a unique bird. Short, relevant and creative copy gets liked and shared via Facebook, Twitter and the like. But, creating a captivating story in less than 140 characters proves a formidable feat.

Copy services craft efficient social media content worthy of repeating. After all, the goal of this text is to share, share, share. This action raises brand awareness, increases site traffic and builds loyalty.

Furthermore, social content writers bring knowledge of different formats and their quirks. For instance, tweets between 100 and 115 characters are more often retweeted via Twitter, according to statistics. Additionally, resources which measure these efforts allow writers to adjust copy as needed leading to a successful campaign.

Headline Help


A popularly quoted Copyblogger statistic reports that eight out of 10 people read headlines only. For the math whiz, this leaves the web content to be consumed by only two out of 10 readers. Therefore, as with email subject lines, these words hold power.

While copywriter services may be known for blogs and other web-based content, quality writers do not leave the headline as an afterthought. Skilled in catchy headlines, copywriters know that this is where their work receives more bang for the buck. This one element becomes a first impression, a hook and curiosity to draw consumers to read further.

Techniques which a writer might employ include using numbers or interesting adjectives, making a promise, revealing a benefit or creating curiosity. Plus, SEO principles of keyword use and length come into play.

Web owners creating headlines in-house mix these components, work with headline formulas and may just succeed. However, copywriting services remove the pain from the process and free time for other needed pursuits. Content writers create headlines for you, offer free guides or grant you access to headline creators (and, again, even some at no cost).

Mobile Copywriting


With a culture on the go, mobile copywriting of web pages and content deserve significant consideration and efforts. According to Google, 65 percent of smartphone holders look for the most relevant information regardless of its source company when conducting a search. And, 51 percent of users discovered a new business or product while involved in these searches.

In fact, more Google searches happen on mobile devices than on computers in the U.S. and nine other countries around the world. These figures speak to the need for company mobile applications which run smoothly and offer valuable, well-written content. For writers, this means taking into consideration how this format changes the style, structure and tone of the content.

These potential shifts apply to websites, apps and emails. Reading and observing all content on mobile devices to ensure readability, accessibility and functionality prove wise. Qualified copywriting services adjust content structure and style as needed to fit mobile formats and speak to readers.

For instance, smaller screens and shorter mobile reader attention spans call for even more concise copy. Plus, the placement of icons and buttons, optimization of email and the use of emojis accompany mobile text considerations. Copy services bring expertise to mobile pursuits and investment returns to you.

Behind the Scenes With SEO Copywriting


SEO practices could be labeled the art of getting noticed. Yes, attracting the attention of search engines. And, if you rise to the top of the search ladder, consumers notice your company, product or service as well.

Copywriter services versed in SEO prove invaluable to a company’s bottom line. In fact, 81 percent of shoppers research products online before purchasing. And, mobile commerce comprises 30 percent of all U.S. e-commerce.

Plus, local businesses benefit as well. Seventy-two percent of local searchers visit a store within five miles. And, 78 percent of local mobile searches garner offline purchases. These figures offer compelling support for SEO copywriting.

Content writers familiar with the effective use of keywords, construction of meta descriptions, content length and other behind the scenes strategies raise rankings and drive traffic. Understanding search algorithms, keeping up-to-date with changes and knowing reader habits in addition to creating great content proves the work of an SEO writer.

Outside the Box

Whew! You made it to the end of the great breadth of web copywriting services. But, only for our purposes today. I would be remiss to let you believe this list is comprehensive.

For one, technology continues to rapidly evolve as you are well aware. And, the options today may expand tomorrow. If these web marketing efforts include the written word, certainly the task of the content writer will grow.

Two, copywriters create more text documents not included in this post. Press releases, sales pages and letters, e-book outlines and content, plus authority guides collect in the arsenal of these wordsmiths. Thinking beyond the box taps into their creativity and reaches readers in innovative ways.

Hiring skilled content writers improves the quality of text and SEO of your site which engages search engines and readers. Plus, a host of additional benefits accompanies these efforts. And, as it currently stands, copywriting plays a foundational role in any successful, strategic marketing campaign.

But, even AWAI recognizes the challenge in finding skilled content writers to meet a company’s needs. So, if you need to talk more about identifying quality copywriting services or attaining an excellent copywriter, give us a shout. We love to talk content.

P.S. Have you been in a conversation with a friend who does not really understand what web copywriting is (evidently, I have!), please, please share this post so we can all be in-the-know.

Or, if this article was helpful and you would like clarity on other copywriting topics through this blog, please leave a comment below. Your feedback only helps us to serve you better.

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