How to Successfully Hire an Article Writing Service

Competition within your industry is fierce, which requires you to work twice as hard to make your business stand out in the crowd. You consistently look for innovative ways to gain that competitive advantage which prompts a potential customer to select your business instead of the competition. Hiring a new article writing service to create quality content pieces that focus on the topics of interest to your target market audience works to accomplish this task.

Creating quality content pieces that add value to the customer experience works to keep you a few steps ahead of your competitors. The key to a successful content marketing campaign is consistently researching, writing and publishing fresh content on a frequent basis. It is a time consuming process that pulls your attention away from other projects that keep your business on the path towards growth and success. For that reason, you need to consider finding a writing service that can accomplish your content marketing goals.

1. Where to Start

You want to start by looking for a writing service that feels like an extension of your company and not one that feels like a third party vendor service with no real understanding of how your company operates. Approaching the hiring aspect with this thought process in mind works to ensure that you will receive the highest return on your writing service investment. It allows you to establish a productive working relationship with the service as they are able to gain a feel for how your industry functions, the aspects that your target market audience deems valuable and how these factors will shape the content that they create for you.

where to startWhen interviewing potential article writing services, avoid eliminating a company when their costs appear to be higher than what you are willing to pay. Quality content pieces add a substantial amount of value to your business. Each piece works to address a long standing issue that your target market audience faces and then provides a viable solution to that situation.

Article writers will incorporate your company into the content pieces as being the provider of that solution in a manner that does not come across as overly promotional. As a content marketing campaign progresses, your target audience begins to look for additional benefits that you are able to provide for them. Therefore, you should focus on what the service is able to accomplish on your behalf as opposed to the price you will pay to make it happen.

A significant portion of the content pieces you receive will become part of an internet marketing campaign. The goal with this type of campaign is to expand your reach within an industry market segment. That expansion works to place your brand in front of potential customers who may have a need for a product or service that you offer. Each content piece will give you a foot in the door towards capturing their attention and turning them away from the competition.

Therefore, you want to find a writing service that has a working knowledge of search engine optimization and keyword rich content. The right company will understand the importance of placing industry relevant keywords through your content pieces without engaging in keyword stuffing. These vital elements work to capture the attention of search engines, such as Google, and bring potential customers to your virtual doorstep each time their search queries match the content in your marketing pieces.

The right service for your company will offer a service guarantee on the content pieces they create for you. A quality article writing service will stand behind the work they create. Article writers strive to meet your order expectations with the first content piece they create. However, there are times when revisions are necessary. When this happens, you want a writing service that will make revisions in a timely manner. You want to partner with a service that you can easily contact when a question or issue arises.

 2. What is a Writing Service

An article writing service will work to build a position of authority for you and your company through the content they create. It is essential that each of your content pieces maintains a level of professionalism by providing clear and concise information that solves an issue that your target market audience faces. It is a difficult task to accomplish if you do not have a strong background in written communication skills. A significant number of business owners do not possess this skill. Therefore it becomes a struggle to create, manage and maintain a content marketing campaign with great success.

Rather than struggle as you try to find the right word combinations that illustrate the promotional messages you want to share, you can hire article writers to craft content pieces on your behalf. These writers possess the essential skills for taking your ideas and transforming those ideas into words and calls for action that prompt potential customers to take further action with your business. The service is able to provide you with content pieces on a regular basis that you can then publish and share with your audience.

You can receive blog post content that works to keep your readers engaged in the information that you share. Publish in-depth authority guides that focus on a particular problematic issue that your customers are struggling to resolve. Educate your customer on upcoming industry trends through articles and e-books that a writing service can easily create for you. Enhance your social media channel activity with content posts that capture the attention of your followers, prompting them to share that content with their list of followers. Every content piece you receive from a copywriting service works to build your online presence and establish your position as an authority figure within your industry.

3. How it Builds Authority

build your authorityEstablishing an authoritative presence within your industry requires a considerable amount of focus on producing quality content as opposed to quantities of content. You can publish content pieces every single day, however, if those pieces fail to add value to your target market audience, your company brand awareness remains at a standstill. Customers will not have a reason to interact with your company, take action on the information that you publish or seek your assistance when an issue arises. It is a mistake that any business owner can easily make when a lack of strong written communication skills are present.

For that reason, forming a partnership with a team of article writers can be one of the smartest business decision you make. That team of writers understands the importance of creating content pieces that increase your brand awareness while adding value to the customer experience at the same time. That thought process is the driving force behind everything that the team creates for you. You will receive content pieces that provide assistance to current customers, potential clients and essential members of your particular industry.

When you hire article writers, you build an opportunity to empower your market segment. Empowerment allows your customers to make a personal connection with your company and they begin to seek out additional content from you. As readers engage with the content the team creates on your behalf, they begin to feel as if they can tackle any obstacle or resolve any issue weighing on their mind. You quickly become an industry influence that is willing to go the extra mile to provide benefits that enhance their life.

The copywriting service can help you establish a sense of trust with your target market audience. Each new content piece builds on the other pieces you publish until you have a foundation of credible information that allows your audience to recognize your ability to provide information that serves a purpose. By consistently publishing the content you receive, you demonstrate a clear and concise understanding of customer needs and allow them to place a significant amount of trust in you and your brand.

4. Why You Should Hire an Article Writing Service

Many businesses thrive under an effective content marketing campaign that extends their reach within a market segment, bringing new clients and sale lead potential their way. The basic premise of a content marketing program is sharing industry relevant content, such as blog posts and authority guides, with industry audiences as a way to open the door for a new business relationship to take shape. Sharing fresh content on a frequent basis allows potential customers to gain a feel for a company without having to make a blind financial investment into what the company provides. Upon continually finding value in the content pieces, potential customers begin to feel more comfortable engaging in a sales transaction with that company.

By using a copywriting service, you set the ball in motion for that action with a potential customer to take place. Creating the quantity of content that is necessary for producing a successful content marketing campaign is a labor intensive process. There are campaign strategies to devise and content topic ideas that you need to have in place before turning your attention to the actual pieces of content. Once those elements are in place, you need to find publishing opportunities that extend beyond your social media channels and company blog posts. When you begin producing each content piece, it is vital that each piece contains the right amount of industry relevant keywords, speaks to the right audience in a tone that they are familiar with and that the search engine optimization is at its best so that the content piece attracts the attention of the major search engines, such as Google.

Running a successful content marketing campaign is a time consuming process. As a business owner, time is not something that you have to spare. You also need to take into consideration that your written communication skills may not be strong enough to produce the quality level of content that your audience needs to see. Bringing a team of article writers onto the content marketing campaign platform frees up a significant amount of time on your schedule.

You gain the peace of mind in knowing that there is a team of experts working hard to make your campaign a success. Writing is the central focus of a content creation service and they know better than anyone else in the business world how to produce an impressive return on the financial investment you make into a content marketing campaign. Their expertise as a writing service paves the way for you to receive the following benefits from a campaign.

5. Lead Generation Increases

Increase your leads with content marketingThe central focal point of a content marketing campaign is to expand your reach within an industry market segment while showcasing your industry knowledge at the same time. To make this happen, you need to produce a substantial amount of content so that your company brand reaches as far as possible into a new market segment. A team of article writers can produce twice as much content together than you could by keeping the writing aspect of a content marketing campaign in-house.

Additionally, this type of service will know how to effectively insert links to your website within the content that work to promote your company without appearing overly promotional or cramming a marketing message down the throats of readers. The writing team will finish off each content piece with a strong call to action that leads readers to a particular point on your website that you desire.

The call to action can take readers directly to your website contact page where they can take the first step in increasing their level of engagement with your company. It can also take them to a product specific website page that highlights additional features that are not part of a content piece or direct them to a landing page where they can subscribe to your email newsletters. Each of these actions work to increase your sales lead generation potential, which in turn, increases your profit margin at a point down the road in the customer relationship.

6. Keeps Your Business Relevant Within the Industry

The business world changes seemingly overnight most of the time. As you move throughout the day, you pick up news and other information discussing the latest trends taking shape within your industry. You make a mental note to create a series of content pieces focusing on that particular topic before turning your attention to the current task at hand. By the time you remember that mental note and start working on generating those content pieces, there is a new industry trend on the table, which makes the one you are thinking about irrelevant. When you hire article writers, that situation never takes place.

The article writing service that you put into place not only focuses on generating fresh content on a frequent basis for your company, but also on the latest trends of your particular industry. That means they consistently stay on top of the key aspects of your industry that keep your business relevant in the eyes of the competition, industry influencers and target market audience members.

That knowledge allows them to make invaluable suggestions regarding the direction your content pieces need to take so that you maximize the marketing potential of the content you receive. You can trust their suggestions, put their advice into action and give your company a strong competitive advantage within your particular industry.

7. Learn From the Experience of Others

Virtually every business within your industry takes part in running a content marketing campaign at one point or another. Business owners are beginning to understand first hand the significant value that article writing services add to their business operations. It is increasingly becoming more common to bring a team of writers on board that can focus on the content generation aspect of a content marketing campaign. It is experience that further educates you on the potential benefit your company stands to earn by making the same move.

learn from othersTake a look at what other business professionals share about their experience with hiring article writers. Ian Pribyl of stresses the importance of striving for quality over quantity when you hire a writing team. Having a high quality content piece can generate higher response rates than five low quality pieces. Nathaniell Brenes of addresses the time consuming factor of content creation. He advises you to deviate from the mindset that creating the content yourself is an easier route with a subtle reminder that you simply don’t have the extra time to handle this task. Jon Haver of shares the importance in working with native English speaking writers. In  doing so, you receive content pieces that naturally match your tone and that audiences can easily read.

Other business professionals address the actual working relationship that you create with the writers that you hire. David Andrew Wiebe of addresses  the importance of providing clear and concise directions to article writers when starting a project for the first time. You need to understand that a writer works with the information you provide to create a final content piece that is reflective of that information. Lisa Irby of highlights the importance of keeping the line of communication open with a writing team. Your project will be more successful when everyone starts off on the same page with a clear understanding of the expectations and goal in mind. James Anderson of encourages you to build a long-term relationship with the writing service that you hire. It allows the writing team to deliver custom content specifically for your business with little direction from you. To receive the most from a writing service relationship, you need to take the advice of these business professionals and add in a few elements of your own.

8. How to Optimize Your Experience

Every company will utilize different aspects of an article writing service, which allows that service to provide tailored content pieces for their clients. Your writing service experience begins the moment you place an order through a service dashboard or other relevant ordering system. At that moment, you practically hold the success or failure of the experience in your hands. The moment you click the ‘submit’ button, the writing team gets to work creating a content piece that matches the information you provide on that order form. Therefore, it is essential that you provide as much detail as possible to give the writers a good sense of direction for the task at hand.

There is a vast amount of information on the internet that writers must sift through as they work to find authority sources that will serve as points of reference for your content piece. For that reason, a significant portion of the work that goes into your content piece creation centers on researching your topic of interest. It is extremely beneficial to provide as much reference material in your initial order as possible. You also want to provide a list of your main competitors so the writers know what sources are off limits when they are in the research phase of the project.

Be specific in your order instructions by clearly stating what you want in the final product as well as what you do not want the writer to include. Providing a writing sample from another source helps to give the writer an idea on how to structure your content piece. Keep an open mind and understand that the writer who handles your project is working to create a content piece that meets or exceeds your expectations. For this to happen, it may be necessary to have the writer make a revision on some aspect of the content. Refrain from becoming angry or accusing the writing service of providing poor quality work. Instead of resolving the issue, it creates an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

9. A Final Thought

When you make the decision to outsource the content creation for your company, you do not sacrifice the rights to the work they create on your behalf. You maintain full copyright control over each content piece that you receive from the writing service. That gives you the opportunity to make any edits that you like or use the content in any publication platform that you like. It works in the same manner as if the content creation takes place in-house.

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