A Weekend by Lake Taupo

You don’t need to travel across the world to get away from it all. Lake Taupo harbours crystal clear waters, thermal hot springs, snow-capped mountains, raging rivers and a lush, green landscape. If you love serenity and adventure, a weekend by Lake Taupo is ideal for you.

Discover some activities to partake in while on your Lake Taupo weekend getaway.

Relax With Leisure Activities

Take advantage of children’s activity centers or enjoy luxury at a day spa. Go on guided tours as an excellent way to savor wine and top-notch meals in the Lake Taupo area. You have plenty of shopping choices as you revel in some of the unique treasures of the region.

Embrace the Arts

Lose yourself in the history, arts and culture of Lake Taupo. Many local galleries contain culture-rich works of art to go along with historical facts of the area. While you visit galleries, take a moment to soak up some of the locally produced artwork. You must see the Pure Ora Garden at the Taupo Museum, or partake in Hangi night complete with a Kapa Haka demonstration.

Spend Time on the Water

What’s a trip to the lake without water activities? Cruise the lake on a boat, stop by a beach to get some sun and fish in the lake. Other activities include kayaking, jet skiing, rafting and even relaxing it hot pools. Feel free to swim in our blue jewel!

Hike Our Trails

You will love the outdoor experience of Lake Taupo because of the mountains and forests that line the horizon. If you like to hike, there are a plethora of trails in the Lake Taupo region. Take a walk on a lakefront or plan a several-day hike in one of the national parks. Try the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a walk with a reputation as one of the greatest hikes in the world.

Bike Our Mountains

Lake Taupo has world-class mountain biking tracks. One of the most popular locations is Craters of the Moon, a jaunt that includes 40 kilometers of mountain bike tracks complete with posted signs to help you navigate.

See Huka Falls

Don’t forget to visit one of the most popular attractions of the Lake Taupo area. Huka Falls is an 11-meter waterfall that contains water flows of more than 220,000 liters per second. The location includes several viewing platforms to see the crystal clear blue falls.

Are you ready to start your weekend Lake Taupo adventure? These are just a few of the dozens of activities at Lake Taupo to make your getaway a memorable one.