A Day in the Life of a Copywriter

by Gabe Arnold

If you’ve ever been curious about what a copywriter actually does, you’re going to want to read this post. While many believe copywriting is just simply putting words on paper about a particular person, product, or brand, the reality of the job is much more involved.

Copywriters produce a broad array of targeted informational or advertising material for their clients. These can be in the format of ad copy, product promotions, SEO work, promotional social media posts, email marketing campaigns or business leader profiles.

As explored in this blog post by Engineered Truth, copywriting is a truly dynamic service that has applicable benefits to almost any industry. From business owners seeking to increase client bases, build a brand image and promote their products, to established social leaders, artists and public figures seeking professional bio works, a copywriter is your go-to source for your material.

The payoff to becoming a copywriter is obvious: you can work from home, with assignments that are given on a flexible deadline-based schedule. On a typical day, you’ll log in to your work dashboard and review the tasks that have been provided for you.

These benefits have led to an increasing clip in the demand for copywriters. While growth has been slow, it’s remained at a steady projected one percent per year rate according to Study.com.

You’ll generally have a lead time on assignments, depending on how involved or detailed the posts you’ve been asked to write are. On a rare occasion, as with any business, there will be emergency or rush orders that your manager will need assistance with. Your pay scale is flexible as well, although you’ll be provided a standard rate of pay per word or length of the article.

Your compensation will depend on how many articles you provide that are approved. It’s in your best interest to give your best on each assignment you’re given. Proving yourself as a reliable and invested writer will open the doors to bigger and better projects.

Now that we know how a typical copywriting position works, we’ll come back to answering the question of what copywriters actually do. To be an effective writer, you’ll need to be invested in doing the following with each order:

Reading the order completely prior to beginning

Copywriters receive orders from multiple clients. With time and experience, you’ll begin to recognize what each client likes and dislikes, and this will make writing faster and easier. It’s always important to read each assignment detail thoroughly, no matter how familiar you are with the client.

You never know when a client initiates a new marketing strategy, introduces a new product or has decided to reformat their content.

If you don’t take the time to read the directives, you could miss important elements that the client is seeking. These include keywords, words they don’t want mentioned, directives to include the location, or even how many times they want the name of their product mentioned.

It’s all important, so be sure you pay attention to each detail.


Research is a big part of the job. You simply can’t write effective copy if you don’t know anything about the subject. Whether it’s a person, product, or company. Copywriters research for each project they complete.

Relevant links or information are generally provided by your client at the time the order is placed, so always have an extra window available to follow the sites and information they want to be included in their returned order.

Follow AP Formatting

At Copywriter Today, all writers are required to be familiar with AP-style formatting. It’s ok if you’re not certain about specific aspects or unfamiliar with the style. Take the time to proofread your copy, spend a little bit of time pursuing AP formatting, and following the rules will become second-nature. Writer managers at Copywriter Today do everything they can to help, providing AP formatting reference sheets as well as ongoing training to each and every writer on staff.

Develop your writing voice

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a copywriter. While you’re provided information on the subjects you’re assigned to write about, you can’t simply copy and paste the material and call it a day.

Your job is to take the information and create a unique, original piece on it for publication. Not only will you learn more through copywriting about a diverse range of subjects, but you’ll also have the time and freedom to develop your own writing style and voice.

Revise as needed

A copywriter’s job isn’t done once the order is submitted. Clients can have revision requests for any number of reasons. As a professional copywriter, you should be prepared to handle these requests on a one-on-one basis.

For more information on being a copywriter for Copywriter Today, visit our site. We have a staff of over 50 professional, dedicated writers who work to provide interesting and effective copy to businesses and publications globally.

With ongoing training in SEO, formatting, grammar and other aspects that are necessary to produce high-quality articles to our clients, we are proud to be considered one of the best copywriting services established in the Northeast.

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