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Smart business owners who are looking for high quality content on a consistent basis that will help them beat their competitors and rank higher in the search engines use Copywriter Today to take the pain out of content creation.

Copywriter Today:

Why We Exist


Today, Copywriter Today is a rapidly-growing business that meets the content needs of everyone from business owners to marketing agencies who want to find a new and consistent way to reach their target audience members.

Copywriter Today’s unique pay-for-access subscription model means that for a monthly fee, you can get access to a United States-based writing team, without any hidden fees.


  • $265 per month for a month-to-month Writing Team subscription with no long-term commitment

Is Copywriter Today for Me?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Copywriter Today is a good fit for your business and content
marketing needs:

  • Are you a blogger who could use help developing, scheduling, writing or posting your content?
  • Are you a business owner or marketer who wants regular new content on your blog?
  • Are you an email marketer who needs a steady stream of new content?
  • Are you a business owner, marketer or sales rep who could benefit from white papers, case studies or lead magnets?
  • Are you an affiliate marketer who needs review articles?
  • Do you work for a digital marketing agency who needs content for your agency — and your customers’ companies?
  • Are you with an SEO firm who needs enhanced, targeted content for on-page SEO?
  • Do you want shareable content that your followers and fans will want to distribute?
  • Are you comfortable delegating your content to our team of writers?



Guide to Great Content

Our easy-to-use system was designed to get you well-written, thoroughly researched, timely content. Most clients spend less than 15 minutes each month managing their marketing and placing their orders.
Once you sign up, you’ll have a call with your account manager, who will explain the process and answer any questions. You’ll discuss any goals for your copy, details about your target audience and writing style specifics.


Place orders for four 400-word articles. Each article length will be returned to you in a set number of business days; each 400-word article will be returned to you in two business days. You can choose everything from 10 headlines to 3,000-word e-books. Remember, we work on one article at time.

Make the Most of Your Account

Creating Quality Content


As you know, the words you use matter. Look at what Peter Drucker, the father of modern marketing, had to say.“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two — and only two — basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

Marketing, though, is a true case of you get out of it what you put into it.

Set yourself up for success. If you’ve taken the time to seek out a professional copywriting service, you understand Drucker’s words and are ready to make your marketing matter. It all starts with the connection.

Your copywriter wants to help you connect you and your customers. This happens when the writer provides you with compelling and engaging content that drives readers to take action. The first connection, though, has to happen between you and the copywriter, and takes place in your order details.

Your writer will follow a specific process in order to complete your order:

  • The writer will receive your order and review the details and instructions you’ve included. You may hear back with any questions the writer has on the order.
  • The writer will research the subject. We have a team of more than 50 writers, all native English speakers based in the United States. They are skilled researchers, with expertise and experience writing in everything from reviewing portable heaters to legal and medical matters. Your articles will be assigned to a team of writers with experience and speciality in your niche.
  • Your writer will create copy based on your instructions and the research found in the writing process..

Nick Loper / Virtual Assistant Assistant

“What I liked about the subscription was it kind of forced me to constantly be thinking of what to send them and what kind of content I’d like to be created. Obviously fresh content is really valuable in the eyes of Google but I’d often get bogged down with other stuff and not have time to write. In fact, I had a hard time keeping up with the work they would send me back — like I need to find a place to publish this! All in all, I think Copywriter Today is a pretty innovative service in this space and is perfect for someone or some business with demands for a continuous stream of written content.”

One To-Do for Better Content


Clear communication between you and your writer is what will make or break your piece. Once you’ve gotten your piece back, carefully review your piece — and give feedback. Did you love it? Let us know what you liked! Did it miss the mark? Tell us how!

Each piece of feedback helps us better shape and create content that meets your needs — and you have several ways to reach us:- Email your manager. You’ll get his or her email address during your initial kickoff call. Send a message in the dashboard.- Review the article using our rating system.

Choose the Content Solution that Works for you!

the Writing Team

A Writing Team subscription includes a dedicated account manager, ability to place up to four orders at once and unlimited revision requests. All orders will be self-edited by the writer. You’ll place your own orders.

the Editorial Team

– An Editorial Team subscription includes everything in the Writing Team, as well as the ability to place up to eight orders at once, editing by our professionally trained editors and monthly strategy calls.

the Autopilot Team

An Autopilot Team subscription includes all of the above, along with the ability to place up to 16 orders at once. Our creative team will prepare monthly content ideas for you. We’ll take care of placing your orders, editing them and adding photos upon completion and then posting your orders to your WordPress or similar CMS web site.

If you have more questions, we're here to help! Get in touch: