8 Tips to Write More Compelling Blog Copy

by Gabe Arnold

Let’s look at a couple of examples together. 

One: “Hey. I’m back with more on the bar I checked out the other night. I talked about it a few days or weeks ago and now I want to tell you more. I just mentioned that I might go to it in that last blog post about it. 

Anyways, it’s called ‘Drinks and Unfortunate Demise’ and it was cool. It was a true-crime-themed bar with trivia on the weekends. I attached a picture of the outside. Enjoy!”

Two: “Welcome back, friends! Remember that true-crime trivia bar, Drinks and Unfortunate Demise, that we talked about in last Friday’s blog post? (You can click here to refresh your memory.) 

This past Saturday, I decided it was prime time to check it out for myself. And I have all the hot details on my personal experience. I know that you’re busy, so I went to see if you want to spend the time and money yourself. Keep reading for the insider info on Seattle’s hottest new trivia club.”

So what do you think? Did you get more excited about the first example or the second one? 

Can we guess? The second one. So why is the latter blog copy more effective than the former one? What is the secret recipe that the second copywriter used to create a dish you can’t get enough of? Like the second writer said: “Keep reading…” 

What is a Blog CopyWhat is a Blog Copy?

To be pro at writing, you need to zero in on the nitty-gritty details. And if you want to get into the field of copywriting or content writing, you really need to dive in. 

So let’s first go over what copy is. In a general sense, copy is any sort of written material, or text, that a writer puts out for their target audience. The practice of writing this is called copywriting, which is literally copy writing. 

These copywriters often work for marketing agencies to create marketing copy for them, or freelance for them. And in the context of marketing, copywriting is something a writer does to sell something. Their copy influences their target audience to take a specific action. It may be to just opt-in for an email newsletter or to buy a spot in an upcoming webinar. 

So then what is copy blogging? What is blog copy? 

Think of it as a subsection of writing copy in general. Do you have a favorite blog, maybe from an influencer you love or a brand that you can’t seem to get enough of? Those blog posts you see are blog copy. 

Is Copywriting Easy?

Copywriting, even that “subsection” of blog copy, is no small feat. 

To stay relevant and bring top-of-mind awareness to your customers, you have to put out many blog posts. Two to four blog posts a month is standard. But are you a business owner, small business or otherwise? Do you fill important shoes in the company you work for while missing a full-time writer? 

You have other responsibilities. Plus, you or your team may not have been trained to develop your writing skills. This makes it a lot easier to waste time trying to think of your first few lines of your blog post or end up with a less-than-desirable piece of copy. 

Of course, there are copy AI tools. But these only fill in the blanks, they do not get you exactly what you need if you cannot start with the basics. 

If that sounds like you, then it may be time to outsource for your copywriting needs

Some Effective Tips to Write Great Blog Copy

If you are looking to turn your persuasive writing passion into a career in copywriting, these tips are for you. If you are a business owner, look for copywriters who abide by these tips when you look to hire. 

Here are the top eight tips to write compelling blog copy. 

Check Your Facts

Pandering. Though the word sounds similar to the more adorable “panda,” pandering is not something you want to take part in with your copy.

Clickbait. This is another practice that you want to avoid at all costs. 

With pandering, you are saying what you think people want to hear. But this often entails tricky tactics, like avoiding the facts to say what you just think is the most appealing. 

Clickbait is similar. Do not write a headline that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. If you do, you prove yourself as an untrustworthy source. And that is someone that nobody wants to come back to when they want to read a blog for valuable information. 

Instead, check your facts. Make sure that what you are saying is true. Also, provide hyperlinks to reliable sources as a reference. 

Conduct Intense Research

This one goes hand-in-hand with checking your facts. 

The majority of the content you write, blog copy or anything else, is research-based. You have to spend most of your time researching the subject you are writing about. You should only spend a small portion of that time doing the actual writing. 

Also, ensure that you are using reliable sources to fuel your research. If you find a site that is rife with plagiarism, grammatical errors or spelling mishaps then click away. 

Also, cite your sources. Hyperlinks are a crucial part of SEO strategy, as you will find below. But they are also vital for making sure you do not plagiarize another source yourself. 

Write an Outline of the Blog

Write an Outline of the Blog

Your outline may seem like a tedious step, but you need it to stay organized and save time in the long run. 

What are the main points you want to cover in your blog copy? Compile those points into a list. Do those points fall under a particular theme? Organize them further into groups according to the theme. 

Above all, make sure that your outline is cohesive and makes sense for readers to follow the final copy. 

You can also change it as you go. So do not worry too much about making your outline perfect on your first try. 

Begin With a Topic That You Like

What do you want to discuss in your article? It should be specific. 

For example, say that you are working for a health and wellness company. They want you to write about popular plant-based restaurants in big cities. You have to turn that general assignment into a detailed idea. Maybe something like “The top 10 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the top five cities around the U.S.” 

But you also have some leeway. If you write about something that bores you, that comes across to your audience. So get specific and get excited! What is your passion? What are your interests? Match your own with those of your target audience and your copy will land every time. 

Take Advantage of Content SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to blog copy. You cannot write and publish a blog post without SEO as a priority. 

But do remember that your first priority is your audience. So keyword research is very important here. What keywords does your audience resonate with? What are they already searching for? Include these keywords in your copy. 

At the same time, do not force the keywords to find a home in your content. It has to feel natural and organic to drive organic traffic. 

Only Use Relevant Graphics and Images

Words are powerful. So are images, since 65 percent of people are visual learners. Imagine the power of combining words with images. You cannot beat it. 

Also, you want to improve the skim value of your copy. When you add graphics and images to your blog posts, you break up the words and engage your readers even more. This is valuable in particular with data-based content. Data is often hard for people to understand when they are not familiar with it in the first place. But graphics turn that around. 

Be sure that your attached graphics and images are relevant for the topic you are writing about. 

Test Your Headlines

Headlines are what get someone to click on your article. This means they have to resonate with your readers right away. 

Remember that you need your headlines to match the body of your copy. And once you have one, test your headlines with a headline analyzer. 

Re-Read Your Copy Out LoudRe-Read Your Copy Out Loud

Do not edit your work as you go. This will only slow you down. Finish your first draft. Then, go back and read your copy. Feel free to install an editing extension into your browser to save you time too. 

And the best way to read your copy is to do so out loud. This is the best way to catch any errors your readers might find as they read your blog copy themselves. 


We just went over a lot of helpful tips together. And there are more of them where that came from. That is because at Copywriter Today, we are your leading experts on all things copywriting. 

Copywriter Today has a team of over 30 writers who put your needs first. We take the pain out of content creation so that you can rest easy knowing that your business’s copy is in good hands. 

It’s true, we know the kind of copy you need and when you need it. But we are different from other copywriting services because the engine that drives Copywriter Today is driven with heart and fueled by relationships. We will be there for you every step of the way. And we will provide you with quality, SEO-powered content the whole time. 

We value our relationships with our clients. To experience that value yourself, click here today to schedule your free consultation.

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