7 Reasons To Hire A Blog Writer For Your Marketing

by Gabe Arnold

Modern day online marketing has become as simple as it has complex, with two-sentence tweets referring readers to 10-page e-books. Your marketing copy is an essential part of your overall brand; think of it as your company’s face and voice. 

To remain relevant in today’s market, you need a fresh and steady social media presence that’s supported by a professional blog. But pro blogs that get results require engaging articles that highlight your company’s products or services.

What if you’re not exactly the strongest article writer? How will you stay relevant in a content-obsessed market?

Don’t worry–that’s where a paid blog writer can prove a healthy addition to any marketing plan. You see, blog writers are often the unsung heroes of marketing teams. They work tirelessly writing copy that transforms your company’s message into greater website traffic and more profitable leads.

As a business owner, you’ve got your hands full making decisions and guiding your team to success. It’s okay to let someone else handle the copy blogging. That’s called “delegation” and all the best business owners know how to use that skill effectively.

Below we’ve listed seven compelling reasons for why you need to hire a blog writer to boost your marketing team. 

What Do Blog Writers Do?

This is a very important question to ask before you begin looking up blog writers for hire. So, we’re going to let you in on an industry secret; promise not to tell?

A blog writer writes blogs. Sure feels good to finally get that off our chest!

Put another way, a blog writer is similar to a freelance content writer. You’ve probably seen plenty of those on websites like LinkedIn or Fiverr calling themselves article writers or something similar.

But a blog writer is someone who wields incredible power as their work can benefit a business in long-lasting ways. Remember: the Internet doesn’t forgive, and it certainly never forgets. That’s why long-term planning is essential. 

For this reason, you want a problogger who knows how to ignite buzz, create a following and generate leads. You want to hire a blogger who can take your message and deliver it to the masses in your voice. 

Still on the fence over hiring a blog writer for your business? Then consider these reasons why your marketing team needs one today.

The Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Blog Writer

The Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Blog Writer

Blog writing services, like those at Copywriter Today, are some of the most beneficial investments a business owner can make. Let us count the ways…

You Need To Drive Traffic

Driving traffic to your business website is critical to your success. But you already knew that. The big question is how exactly? You could spend tons of money on advertisements or irritating email blasts, but nobody appreciates spam.

And, honestly, do you enjoy reading advertisements? Probably not, and neither do your customers.

But what about social media? Do you ever read tweets or facebook posts? Of course you do! And that’s how a blog writer can drive traffic to your website: by linking social media posts to your blog.

Besides, the more indexed pages you have on your blog or website, the better you’ll perform in search engine results. Your competitors have hogged the top spot on Google for too long. It’s your turn! A blog writer can help get you there by grabbing the search engine’s attention using search engine optimization (SEO) tricks. 

You Want Traffic Converted Into Leads

So, now that you’re drawing more traffic to your website, how can you convert those visits into profitable leads? Easy: by using catchy calls to action that inspire customers to reach out and connect with your sales team.

You see, a skilled blog writer knows how to craft a call to action at the end of every blog post. These can sometimes appear as free offers or other incentives. Whatever the hook, they inspire your readers to exchange their contact information for something you can afford to give away.

The leads you receive in return, however, are priceless.

You Don’t Have The Best Writing Skills

Now, here’s a reason for hiring a blog writer that some business owners may feel a little sheepish admitting. It’s okay: this is a safe space.

You may not possess the best writing skills, but then again, you don’t need to!

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats and hold many responsibilities. Writing doesn’t need to be one of them. Hire a blog writer to take care of all the writing. You’ll feel liberated and your marketing team will sing your praises.

Well, maybe not…but your new blog sure will look great!

You Don’t Have Much Time To Write Your Own Blog

You Don’t Have Much Time To Write Your Own Blog

This reason is related to the one above. Perhaps you do have some skills in writing. That’s great!

But with everything else going on, do you really have time to sit around writing blogs and catchy calls to action?

Maybe not. But guess who does have loads of time to write? Yep, your friendly neighborhood blog writer.

When you sign on with a blog writing service, your marketing strategy benefits from professionals who write for a living. They have the time and the skills to generate the market presence, leads and sales that your company deserves.

You Want To Have A New Voice And Perspective

Staying fresh and current is a must in the modern world. Your social media presence is what defines your brand in many customers’ minds. Fair or not, you need a voice and a perspective that’s engaging and stands out from the crowd.

A professional blog writer has the acumen to deliver just that. Imagine the buzz that a sparkling new blog could generate online, one backed up with clever social media posts! 

Your marketing team’s blog writer is exactly the person to create that glow and help your business reap the benefits.

It Helps With Your Link Building

Link building is considered a critical part of driving web traffic and establishing domain authority. It’s also difficult to do, which may be part of why Google includes it in its criteria for search engine ranking. (see what we did there?)

You need a skilled blog writer working on your marketing team who understands the mysteries of link building. They produce regular blog content that’s not only beneficial to your customers, but which builds your presence online through links.

Your website needs to generate both inbound and back links to build customer awareness and confidence. To achieve this, you need a strong blog and supporting social media posts which are linked together. You also need the validation that comes from being linked to other professionals and organizations.

How do you get that? With an experienced and professional blog writer. One who can take all the disparate pieces of the puzzle and link them together in profit-garnering blog copy. 

You Want Long-Term Results

The strategic business owner is always thinking about tomorrow, always anticipating opportunities waiting just around the bend. As an entrepreneur, you understand that success is built on long-term planning.

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what including a relevant blog and strong blog writer in your marketing plan does! How, you ask?

By perhaps the most important reason we’ll cover today on why you need a blog writer in your marketing team. You see, when you buy an ad, there is a set shelf life to that ad’s effectiveness.

One day in the newspaper or a week on the radio, and it’s gone. Blog posts, on the other hand, never go away. Sure, they may slowly sink in the search engine rankings over time. They may appear to fade as each post is replaced by another.

But the fact is that your posts never disappear entirely. They can continue generating leads as readers come across them weeks, months or even years on down the line.

And that’s the beauty of having a blog for your website. No other form of online marketing offers as much immediate and long-term impact. Even social media posts can get lost in the mix, but when they’re linked to your blog, both live forever!  

So Where Can You Find These Miracle Working Blog Writers?

Well, as fate would have it, you’ve stumbled upon a post created by just such a master of the written word! Here at Copywriter Today we’re just bursting with talented writers who can provide you with winning copy on any topic.

Need a blog post on dog grooming? Our writers can style some clever copy that will guarantee your services Best In Show.

Looking for a technical piece on your company’s specialized mechanical parts? We’ve got writers who can engineer even the most detailed messages into posts your readers will talk about for days.

You’ve got enough going on already. Let us take care of your company’s blog and social media copy. Why not contact Copywriter Today? Your story is waiting to be told…and we have just the blo writer to tell it to the world!

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