6 SEO Tools You Probably Don’t Know About

by Gabe Arnold

An effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is essential to creating a company website that is highly visible to search engines while also making your site faster, sleeker and easier to use.

Since SEO has become mainstream, there have been many applications and websites created to tackle the best way to implement SEO on your particular site. If you have tried the most popular programs with little luck, try your hand at some of these less publicized apps; they may just be what the doctor ordered.

1. Screaming Frog

Though the name might be a little bizarre, Screaming Frog and their SEO Spider Tool are invaluable for any SEO professional. This multi-faceted tool can do everything from the basics of finding broken links to more complex tasks such as generating XML Sitemaps.
This is also a great tool for companies worried that they have duplicated content on their site because the Spider tool can discover duplications such as page titles and descriptions and offer solutions. The Spider also integrates with Google Analytics as well.

2. Wordstream Keyword Tool

This incredible tool is a savior for anyone who has trouble coming up with those all-important keywords. With the Wordstream system, you have a robust database full of thousands of keyword suggestions born from more than a trillion highly unique search queries.

Another tool in this lovely little suite is the Keyword Grouper, where you can submit a list of keywords and receive an organized keyword structure that will be a huge component of your SEO campaign. Their Negative Keyword Tool identifies irrelevant keywords, which saves you money.

3. Microsoft SEO Toolkit

There is a lot of excellent SEO programs out there, but there is one tool that has been right under our noses the whole time, it’s Microsoft’s Free SEO Kit. Several tools within this toolkit can do wonders for any website. After installing the kit on your site, the app gets directly to work.

The tools included will analyze your site, finding ways to boost your hits while making recommendations on ways to improve traffic and raise revenue. It also gives you the ability to manage your website’s visibility in the results of search engines.
When the analysis is complete, your website will be analyzed, and a report will be produced. This report will find common problems with your current content and suggest improvements. It’s a handy tool for websites of any size.

4. GTmetrix

When it comes to SEO, it isn’t only about finding keywords. It’s also about giving the user a clutter and error-free viewer experience. This positive experience is the best way to get repeat customers and increase word-of-mouth references. The GTmetrix program analyzes your keywords while also ensuring that the speed of your site is also up to approved standards.

Among its many uses, this program is very efficient at monitoring pages to report any site delays, and it also sends alerts whenever your load times meet certain conditions. There is an ease of use element as well that lets you monitor your site from any mobile device. Best of all, you have the ability to record a video of your page loading to see where any issues may exist in real-time.

5 SEO Workers Analyzer

Amazing in its simplicity, the analyzer tool from SEO Workers is your one-stop-shop for a complete website review. All you have to do is enter your website’s URL, and it will spit out a detailed report of all of your SEO wins and areas for improvement. Best of all, you can get a report on any website that you enter, so you can see what works for other sites as well.

The resulting report includes everything from analysis of your META tags and heading and phrase elements to your keyword relevancy and the status of any URLs on your page. In addition to telling you what is wrong with your site, the report also discusses why things didn’t work and what could be improved.

6 Lipperhey

Lipperhey is an understated yet incredibly helpful SEO tool that provides detailed reports designed to make your website more visible and attractive to visitors. Easy to use, it only requires you to visit their site, enter your URL and let the information flow.

The generated reports are vast, from basic info to powerful SEO strategies. It estimates the amount of visitors you get, summarizes your site’s indexability on search engines, previews how your site looks on mobile devices, and so much more.

A productive SEO strategy is essential in providing a company website that is easy to find, simple to use and invaluable to the consumer. If you are looking to improve your SEO strategy, try some of these more obscure apps. They are incredible resources that provide unlimited amounts of helpful information.

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