5 Useful Tools for Website Development

by Gabe Arnold

If you are a web developer, then you know that developing websites, while rewarding, can also be demanding. They can take a lot of time and hard work, which can make completing the task of developing a website difficult and stressful if your project manager has given you a tight deadline but a lot of specific demands or instructions for how they want the website to come out. Fortunately, there are many tools available for web developers that can make the task of developing a website much less taxing. So if you are a web developer, then here are the five most useful tools for web development you should definitely check out.

1.    FirebugUntitled design (70)

Firebug is a web development tool created by Firefox that is incredibly helpful for the process of website development. Basically, Firebug is an add-on that enables web developers to debug, edit, and monitor everything from HTML, JavaScript, and CSS Live all within the website’s browser. All of this makes Firebug one of the most important web development tools that are currently available and a must-have for anyone who is working on website development for businesses or other organizations and institutions.

2.    HTML Entity Character LookupUntitled design (71)

Another useful tool for website development is HTML Entity Character Lookup. Using HTML entities is essential to the process of website development since it ensures that all of the characters on your website’s pages are validated. But finding the right HTML entity code often requires scanning it through over 250 rows of characters, which can take up a huge amount of time that can be better spent moving forward in the website development process. HTML Entity Character Lookup can significantly shorten this process and make the whole thing go by much smoother and quicker, which is why it is so important for web developers if they are under tight deadlines.

3.    Cloud9 IDEUntitled design (72)

In an age of Cloud computing, Cloud-based website development tools like Cloud9 IDE are all the rage and for very good reasons. Essentially, Cloud9 IDE is a website development tool that helps web developers collaborate with others on code projects of a huge scale. By enabling web developers from all around the world edit the same code and chat in real-time together, Cloud9 IDE is both one of the best browser-based IDEs that are currently available and on the rise, and a testament to the increasing, intertwined power of forces like globalization and digitalization.

Cloud9 IDE has many important and useful features for website development like cloud completion, cloud editor, drop-document trees, smart drag, and FTP integration. Altogether, these features will make the process of developing a website much easier and more efficient for business web developers.

4.    PixelDroprUntitled design (73)

PixelDropr is a website development tool that is especially useful for web developers who have to make very visual websites for their project managers or companies. PixelDropr is a brilliant plugin for Photoshop that helps website developers create a wide and dazzling array of digital visual design elements like illustrations, buttons, icons, and company logos in a way that is much easier and more time efficient than it would be without the tool. All of these digital visual design elements can then be dropped or dragged into any PSD file and incorporated into the website’s development at any time and with efficient speed.

5.    BasecampUntitled design (74)

Basecamp is a website development tool that was specially developed by 37signals and claims to have helped over 258,000 business complete more than 2 million website development projects in the last year alone. Basically, Basecamp is a popular and useful online tool that helps company website developers manage collaboration and project management for projects of varying scales with ease and efficiency, saving companies tons of time and money when it comes to crafting their websites.

Basecamp is especially helpful since it makes the process of developing websites, especially if there are strict deadlines and multiple people involved, much less complicated than it needs to be. The tool acts as a private and secure safe space online for anyone involved in a single or multiple website development projects to work together, discuss, organize, and be on the same page to make the whole process of getting a project or projects done right on time, or even much sooner!

Some of Basecamp’s amazing useful features include message boards and comment threads, real time chats, automatic check-ins, to-do lists, docs and file storage for visually organizing everything from PDFs and images, and a centralized schedule so everyone can do a better job at getting what needs to be done by the right deadline. Everything about Basecamp also runs in the Cloud. Many people who work in web design and development will be familiar with the tool.

These tools can put you and your website on the right track, but don’t forget how great content can steer that track in the right direction. If you need help curating fresh, consistent content then look no further than Copywriter Today. We have writers skilled in many different fields who are here to deliver well written articles to you how ever often you need them. So contact us today!

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