5 Tips for Running the Perfect Social Media Campaign

by Gabe Arnold

Social media marketing is one of the greatest ways to keep your company’s activities and deals in the peripheral of your consumer base from day-to-day. Perhaps only email marketing reaches a wider audience on average than this awesome practice, so if you want to successfully boost your brand’s visibility and profitability, running a knockout social media marketing campaign is a must.

At Copywriter Today, we help businesses from many different industries boost their sales and reputation by crafting excellent social media marketing campaigns. No matter what platform you want to promote your company on, the dedicated and passionate Copywriter Today team can help you build a strategy that will have your posts seen by thousands!

To help you understand some of the valuable services we can provide for your brand, here are 5 tips for running the perfect social media campaign:

1. Timing is Everything

When posting to social media, you need to know when your target audience is actually going to see your post. Most users are following hundreds of people and companies, so you need to be putting your content out there at a time where people are most actively using the platform you post on. Start out by picking a generally high traffic time, such as lunch breaks, and then use built-in analytics on the platforms to determine when you are receiving the most attention. Readjust your campaign to fit the data, and then repeat this step every week or so to gain a massive amount of attention on social media!

Additionally, it is of utmost importance that you avoid over-posting. If you bog down your users newsfeeds, they could become annoyed and unfollow you. Keep content frequent and fresh, but always avoid over saturating. After all, you want each post to seem new, exciting, and engaging to your social media audience.

2. Content is Key

If you want people to eagerly await, and interact with your posts, you have to focus on sharing only the highest quality of content. Use articles, videos, and other material you’ve used to promote your brand in the past and share it with your social media followers. The more relevant and useful content is to your target consumer base, the better chance you will have of having your brand’s content spread around!

Be careful not to repost content too often. Occasionally it can be beneficial to repost a successful article, especially under special day tags such as “Throwback Thursday,” but spreading it around too much will just put a negative impression on its content.

3. Cross Promote Between Platforms

Once someone follows your brand on any platform, you can be sure that they value your company in some way. Use this to your advantage and invite them to follow you on other social networks as well! Have your tweeters like you stuff on Facebook, and have your Facebook followers pin your products on Pinterest! The variations are limitless; so don’t limit yourself to one platform when spreading the word about your awesome products/services. For every new follower you gain on a social media platform, your extended network gains hundreds of new potential customers! Speaking of which…

4. Urge Your Followers to Share

Customer testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns are often extremely successful in helping brand’s become successful. Try to engage with your social media audience well enough so that they share your products and services with all of their friends. Take your current amount of followers and times that by 100. That is roughly the number of people in your extended network, so work on tapping into this valuable marketing resource!

5. Provide Discounts to Engage Your Followers

One of the best ways to get people to share your content, like your page, or comment on your posts is by offering discounts and promotions to those who do. If you want to see a massive spike in the interaction you have with your social media followers simply throw up a post that redirects to a sale page and you’ll be ready to see a boost in traffic to your sites, and increases in your revenue!

Still not sure how to begin implementing these useful tips into your social media marketing campaign? We’ve got you covered! Simply contact the Copywriter Today team and we will set up a free consultation to determine how you want to convert those Facebook followers into paying, loyal customers.

P.S. Try out our risk-free, 7-day free trial to get the full Copywriter Today experience!

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