5 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Campaign

by Gabe Arnold

Social media marketing opens up many opportunities and approaches for getting your brand out there in a positive light. If you want to increase your brand’s visibility, revenue and consumer interaction, social media marketing is a must. While many potential platforms exist for doing so, and you should only use the ones that are beneficial to your brand’s marketing goals, every brand can benefit from a strong Facebook marketing campaign.

At Copywriter Today, we have been helping companies from across many industries run successful Facebook marketing campaigns for many years. With our team’s dedication and consistency, we will help you build a loyal Facebook following that will drive traffic to your site and increase both your brand’s reputation and visibility.

To help you understand some of the ways we will optimize your Facebook campaign, here are 5 tips for running a Facebook-based social media marketing campaign:

1. Schedule Your Posts

Having quality content to share with the world is only the first step. With the amount of people on your followers’ feeds, you will be competing with many other pieces of information for their attention. Because of this, you need to use strong analytics (which Facebook helps provide) to schedule your posts for a high-traffic timeslot. Try starting off by posting around noon, or some other high-traffic time, and then change up the timeslot to fit the times your followers most frequently interact with your posts.

2. Don’t Over Post

After you experience the benefits to be had from Facebook marketing, you will want to post more and more. However, you must always be careful to avoid over-posting and filling your followers newsfeed with an overload of content. Doing so is one of the quickest ways to have people unfollow your page. This is the worst way to end a relationship with a consumer, as it will make it so they will hold a grudge against your brand. By keeping content focused and frequent, but not overwhelming, you will run a much more effective Facebook marketing campaign.

3. Promotion is a Must

Not everyone who follows your brand will want to interact with your content. However, the more you can get people to share your posts, comment, or like, the more visible you will become to the ever important extended network your followers provide to your brand. Offering promotions is an excellent way to get people to do just this, as people will be getting value out of their interaction with your brand.

4. Redirect

Facebook should be viewed as a launching platform for getting people actively involved with your brand. Use the awesome platform to get people to visit your own website, as well as your other social media platforms. Additionally, Facebook can be a great way to get people to sign up for your email mailing lists. With the combination of social media and email marketing, you will have a consumer base that is constantly aware of the awesome deals, products and services your brand is offering!

5. Take Advantage of Paid Features

On most social media platforms, you will want to stick to the basic, non-paid features. However, Facebook has one of the sleekest, valuable paid advertising services on the web. If you are already involved with other PPC type marketing, Facebook is perfect for you. Allow us to help you build perfect Facebook advertisements that will see your company’s revenue and visibility across the web skyrocket!

All of these approaches and more are used by our marketing team to help ensure your brand gets the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign. Still confused about how you might want to approach your brand’s social media campaign? Contact us to set up a free consultation and we will help you work through all of your questions to create an amazing Facebook marketing campaign!

P.S. Hesitant about committing to our services? Try out a risk-free, 7-day free trial of Copywriter Today to see firsthand what we can offer to your brand! We do other services as well that can help boost your company’s reputation and revenue!

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