5 Things Your Email Marketing Must Have

by Gabe Arnold

Marketing is sweeping the world these days between social media and all-out new online technology. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all these new ways to do things and to figure out the best way to communicate with people.

Many people use email subscriptions as a way to stay connected with their favorite companies. But, this online factor comes with certain expectations and when they aren’t fulfilled, they can adversely affect a company’s overall email marketing strategy.

Here are five ways that you can keep your email marketing up to date so you can boost your company’s overall ratings and popularity!

1. Avoid subscription glitches

Less is more when it comes to things like sign-up forms and other forms that people need to fill out. When people go to sign up for something, especially through an email, they just want it to go smoothly and quickly, they don’t want things to take too long. Also, they want to see the content they are looking for right away, without any delays.

Also, sometimes readers do not get options to select the kind of content that they want to receive through email, which a problem. If they are signing up for something through email, it is important that they have the flexibility to choose what kind of information they want to receive.

The bottom line is this: If you make things simple for people, then they will come back for more. If people don’t encounter subscription glitches with your company, then they will sign up to get information and they will probably tell their friends about it as well. It’s a win-win situation for you.

2. Follow-throughs

When people receive emails from you, it’s important that they are formatted correctly to fit into whatever screen they are using. All formatting flaws must be fixed before sending emails, especially follow-ups.

Once people sign up for something through email, they expect to see something in their inbox. Send follow-ups within a certain time frame so people get excited when they check their email.

A great way to see if you are doing a good job if by sending out a survey through email. If you’re going to send out multiple emails to your consumers, you might as well send them a survey so they can respond to your work. That way, you can measure their satisfaction so you can keep up with the great work you’re doing.

3. Ethics

When someone signs up for something with your company, they are putting an element of trust in you. This means that you shouldn’t spam them and you shouldn’t overwhelm them with email suggestions. Ethically, it would be wrong to do either.

Basically, just don’t send emails to your users that they wouldn’t be interested in or wouldn’t want to see. You keep people interested by sending them great information that they can look forward to. People get annoyed when they check their email and it’s a bunch of spam–don’t do this to your users.

Instead, send them things they will like on a daily basis. That way, they will continue to trust your company and will use your services more often.

4. Customer service

Customer service is a huge aspect when it comes to any company or business. So, when you send out emails and have people subscribe to your network, make sure you are providing great customer service.

If people email you and want something specific, make sure you respond to them quickly and with an accurate response. Make sure your team of employees knows how to respond to people and how to approach people the right way through email.

Through email, it’s important to be formal, but not too formal. You don’t want to come off sounding too serious, because you want to appeal to consumers quickly and easily. But, you still want to be respectful and speak with correct grammar and well-structured sentences.

5. Connections

Make sure you connect your consumers with the right material. Filter out emails that they don’t want. Form a connection with them over time and continue to gain their trust as time goes on. This is a fool-proof method to ensure that people will enjoy getting your emails and will appreciate your company and what your company does.

Also, take some time to connect with your consumers through social media. If you are sending out emails, make sure you put links at the bottom of your social media account so they can be reached easily. This will encourage your consumers to click on the links and view your company through networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Contact us today so we can work with you to make your email marketing strategy skyrocket your image!

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