5 Things to Avoid While Writing Sales Copy

by Gabe Arnold

It’s “Always, About the Audience.”

Never lose sight of the fact that your audience should be forever in your mind when you write. So many mistakes stem from the failure to keep to this fundamental concept. Keeping that point in mind, here are some things to avoid when you are writing sales copy. 

Not Having a Clearly Defined Goal

A clear purpose is where it all begins; without it, your copy will be directionless. What decides which words and images are essential if there is no way to discern what is necessary?

Having a main goal helps formulate mini-goals toward driving conversion rates. Sometimes, you have to bench the artist and focus on practicality to achieve a goal.

Not Understanding Your Audience’s Motivation

Do surgeons perform complex operations without fully understanding a situation? Writing without understanding your audience’s motivation is the medical malpractice of the copywriting world.

Define your audience with a clear goal and get to work researching why they behave the way they do. Writing copy that sells requires an understanding of how they will act along each step of AIDA.

Using Your Language, not Your Customers’ Language

Sometimes that pitch-perfect prose you conjured just causes your audience to cringe. It signals a lack of understanding. Use the wrong language, and you run the risk of repelling your potential customers.

Think like your audience, and write the way they speak amongst themselves – their words, not yours.

Focusing on the Features, not the Benefits

You may hit every talking point a product has, but did you relate them to the reader? Discuss the features in a way that presents their value to the reader or addresses their pain points.

Put the merchandise in their hands with your words. Show them what they can do with it and how they’ll be better off with it. 

Not Optimizing for Scanability

Customers will not read your copy from top to bottom. They scan and look at things that stand out to them. They read a little more if they find something interesting, and they avoid reading what takes too much effort.

Keep it short and impactful. Limit your paragraphs to 2-3 sentences with 20 words or fewer. 

Improve your copy, and you will see the impact on your conversion rates. 

Do you still need some help with your sales copy? Our professionals at Copywriter Today can help you achieve your copywriting goals and let you focus on other business elements. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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