3 Tips for Ensuring Your Content is Valuable

by Gabe Arnold

Content is king when it comes to marketing your business to an online consumer base. The chances are that thousands of companies similar to yours exist, so you must set yourself apart with an excellent reputation of quality and customer service. One of the best ways to do this is to provide quality content that provides value to your consumer base, whether they actually interact with your company or not.

Through inbound and content marketing, companies all over the world have increased their brand’s reputation and success. A simple article that provides relevant information to a potential customer is a great way to help them out and potentially lead them to your website. For example, if you were running a dog grooming service and wrote an article titled “Proper Shampooing Techniques for Curly Haired Pups,” you could attract people in need of that specific kind of shampoo to your website.

However, creating valuable content isn’t always as simple as it sounds. With so much competition within your industry out there, it can seem like you might have nothing original to write about in your attempts to attract a stronger consumer base. Thankfully, the team at Copywriter Today is here to help!

At Copywriter Today, we have many years of dedicated experience helping companies across hundreds of industries promote their product through content marketing. We know how to target your content to be relevant to a new and relevant audience, and then promote it for maximum visibility. If you are ready to experience a major boost in your company’s visibility and profitability, give us a call to set up a free consultation.

To give you an idea of how we approach ensuring your content is valuable and targeted, here are 3 tips for ensuring your content is valuable to your target audience:

1. Do Your Research

This first step is by far the most important. Along with our help, it will be important to look into articles that are similar to the ones you plan on writing. By determining how you can set yourself apart, and what elements have made past content marketing pieces a success, you can create a great blueprint for content creation success.

Targeting is the key, and by knowing what people have responded to in the past it will be easier to achieve successful targeting of a consumer base. Additionally, you want to make sure your piece has a specific end goal in mind. For example, to use the earlier example, if you are trying to sell dog shampoo, your piece should have some specific use to people who would need that product.

2. Keep it Simple

Consumers want valuable information, but they do not want to have to spend more than a few minutes locating it in most cases. If you keep your pieces short enough to read in 5 or so minutes, or design them to be easily skimmable, you should find much more success in your content marketing campaign.

Additionally, you will want to keep terminology understandable to a consumer audience. Using industry specific terms may confuse many consumers, so try to keep the article in laymen speak. Doing so is particularly important for anything dealing with maintenance and repair, as these sorts of articles should be focused on specific tasks and customer service plus above all else.

3. Keep it Visible

Even if your content is top notch, it will be useless unless people actually see your piece. Investing in high-quality SEO practices is an important investment in ensuring your hard work pays off, and we can help.

The more visible your article is, the faster your target audience will make their way to your company’s site. Keeping your article constantly rising up in search engine result pages should remain a top priority throughout your company’s marketing campaigns.

Now that you know how much your company has to gain from these simple steps, consider investing in the knowledge of the Copywriter Today team to help you implement these practices into every one of your content marketing pieces. We just need the original idea from you, and then we will do all the research, writing, and targeting to make your piece a massive success. Additionally, we offer a full 7-day free trial for any skeptics out there!

Confused about how you want to approach your company’s content marketing campaign? Call us today to set up a free consultation and we will help you reach some amazing ideas that will boost your brand’s reputation in no time! We look forward to doing business with you.

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