20 Top Manufacturing Websites You Should Know About

Manufacturing is a broad, diverse field. We have compiled a list of the top manufacturing websites to help narrow down this broad field and get you to the most valuable manufacturing information, news and updates.

This website covers manufacturing from top to bottom; from aerospace to food manufacturing and everything in­between. It highlights top manufacturing news as well as articles, blogs, new products and pictures/video, while offering a well­rounded view of what’s new in the broad world of manufacturing.

This website is hosted by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, whose primary focus is to promote and strengthen American manufacturing and to encourage individuals to take action against issues in American manufacturing. This website offers manufacturing news, recent publications and manufacturing issues.

3. Manufacturing.gov
The Advanced Manufacturing Portal is managed by the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, which is composed of all federal agencies involved in American manufacturing. Their website offers top news and events in advanced manufacturing, as well as American manufacturing initiatives and funding opportunities.

The mission of The National Association of Manufacturers is unique in its representation of both small and large manufacturers. Their website highlights issues related to all facets of manufacturing and encourages individual involvement. It offers recent statistics, data, news and publications.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is focused on building the future of manufacturing and drawing the interest of future generations to the field of manufacturing. Their website highlights future events, offers online training, and information on the most current careers in the field of manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Institute is focused on bringing new talent to the world of manufacturing by teaching, training, and changing the way manufacturing is perceived. They stand by the notion that manufacturing is the most advanced field in the country. Their website offers manufacturing certification programs and cutting edge research in the field of manufacturing.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association represents food and beverage manufacturing companies across the country. They identify standards for best food production and safety, offer the most recent food and beverage manufacturing news, and identify issues that are currently plaguing the field.

The Manufacturer and Business Association focuses on the business side of manufacturing, promoting the success of manufacturing companies. Their website offers services to keep companies compliant and competitive. Some services include professional development training, human resource training, and legal information.

The Manufacturing Innovation Blog is operated by Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). MEP is focused on the improvement of small to mid­size manufacturers. The blog highlights current manufacturing issues and discussion. Blog topics vary from data and trends, to finance and staying competitive.

Dassault Systèmes offers Apriso, an advanced manufacturing software, to manufacturers across the globe. Apriso is designed to assist with the challenges associated with manufacturing operations. Their website offers detailed information about different types of Apriso software, manufacturing news, blogs, events and publications.

This website provides insight into all of the most recent food manufacturing news and developments. News is presented in the form of articles, blogs and videos covering all aspects of the field of food manufacturing.

Manufacturing Business Technology offers the latest news in IT for manufacturing executives. Their website offers overviews of various manufacturing technology as well as the most pressing news in the field. The information presented is diverse and covers a broad spectrum of manufacturing fields.

Industrial Info Resources is dedicated to providing and keeping current the most recent industrial business and spending trends to assist their customers in making educated business decisions. Their website offers various programs and products to assist manufacturing companies in analyzing trends.

Industrial Marketing Today is a blog that offers current articles and trends in Industrial Marketing. The site is managed by Achinta Mitra, an MBA and mechanical engineer. He recognized the unique marketing needs of industrial and manufacturing organizations and sought to educate these organizations about marketing their businesses.

Domestic Manufacturing Solutions is an entity focused on small to medium manufacturing companies in the Eastern United States looking to sell or expand. Their website offers different options for manufacturing companies to consider when considering sale and expansion.

The Manufacturer is a website dedicated to offering consumers updated manufacturing news, and articles. The information covers a diverse selection of manufacturing fields and is presented in the form of articles, blogs, and videos.

This website provides links to many of the most common sources of news in manufacturing. These links include websites, magazines and blogs that are primarily focused on manufacturing.

18. http://www.ima­net.org
The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is committed to providing its’ members with current information relevant to Illinois manufacturers. They highlight current legal issues and news in the manufacturing world.

Spring Manufacturers Blog provides information about the different aspects of spring manufacturing. This includes different types of springs, how they are developed, how they are used and how to choose a spring manufacturer.

Net Marketing Advisors is an agency that focuses on internet marketing specific to industrial and manufacturing companies. They focus on website development and search engine optimization. Their website highlights their services, options for businesses, and client testimonials.