15 Tools Every Copywriting Rockstar Uses Daily

by Gabe Arnold

Copywriting is a growing field that gets more competitive by the day. With SEO and digital marketing being the name of the game for driving sales these days, it is crucial to streamline your copywriting efforts to publish high-quality content. Not only will well-written articles bring more users to your website or blog, it boosts your reputation as an industry leader and connects you with your audience. 

In the competitive copywriting world, it is vital to stay ahead and work as smart as you can. Luckily, there is a multitude of tools and resources available to writers and editors. Check out this list of 15 unknown tools every rockstar in the copywriting world uses daily. 

Discussion Forums

The most crucial part of copywriting is knowing who you are writing for. If you are looking for inspiration on a topic or unsure of what your readers want, dive into some online discussion forums to see what is trending. 

Platforms like Reddit are vital to writers, as they allow you to research trends for almost any topic imaginable. Each forum on Reddit is called a subreddit and is named based on a particular topic. 

Are you writing about web design? There is a subreddit for that. Are you writing a review page on different motorcycles? There is a subreddit for that. The best part is, it is free!

Easily research what users are discussing and learn more about the industry from the people who are in it. For new writers, there is even a subreddit for copywriting that discusses trends, new tools, resources and advice. Utilizing discussion forums will allow you to learn more about your writing topic and gain more insight into copywriting. 


Grammarly is one of the most necessary tools every copywriter needs to have. You do not want your copy to be riddled with grammatical errors, and Grammarly helps you correct errors while you are writing. Editing in real-time allows you to speed up the writing process and makes it easier for editors to review your work.  

Grammarly has a free plan that assists writers with spelling mistakes, grammar errors and punctuation. For a small monthly fee, Grammarly premium goes into more detail and highlights common mistakes such as passive voice misuse, wordiness, tone, inclusive language and more. There is also a business plan option that allows you to create style guides for specific clients based on their unique style. 

No matter your copywriting experience, having a tool like Grammarly to keep you in check is vital for improving your writing and delivering the best content. 

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor, like Grammarly, is one of the best tools for copywriters. It is a free editor that highlights common writer mistakes like passive voice misuse, excess use of adverbs and jargon. Copy and paste your article into the editor and it highlights each mistake by a different color for easy editing. 

It also shows you what grade level your copy is reading at, a crucial part of copywriting in AP style. Other tools include reading-time metrics, word count and character count. Hemingway Editor is free but also has a paid option to download their app on your desktop to use it with or without internet access. 


You might think of Canva as a tool for graphic designers and social media managers, but it is a great tool for copywriters, too. According to an article by Copypeer, adding images to your copy increases user engagement by almost 94 percent. 

Go beyond a simple stock photo and design unique, original graphics to go with your article. Not only will it make your work look more professional, Canva makes it easy to integrate your social media and schedule posts. Animate your graphics to catch the eye of your reader and align your graphics with the rest of your brand. 

Are you working for multiple clients who all use different styles and colors? Canva lets you create brand kits for your clients. Group their colors, fonts and logos in one place so you can save time on making their graphics. 


Just like Canva, Shutterstock is a great resource for adding images to your articles. Find the highest quality images that are specific to your article. Nothing is worse than having an overused or low-quality image in your article. 

Keep your work as unique as you are and find the perfect images to reflect your writing. Shutterstock offers a free trial version, a monthly subscription or an on-demand photo pack for when you need images right away.  


Like Google Drive, Scrivener is an organizational program and word processor. However, it is specifically designed for writers. Easily organize tasks, work on multiple projects at once and keep client folders handy. 

Stop stressing about having a ton of different tabs open and keep everything organized in one place. If you have multiple deadlines coming up, Scrivener is the perfect way to keep yourself organized. While it is not free, it may be a necessary investment to consider if you have multiple clients or writing assignments. 

Keyword Analysis

SEO and copywriting go hand in hand. Almost every article posted online these days focuses on certain keywords to increase user engagement and website traffic. Luckily, keyword research tools like SEMrush and Moz allow you to see how effective your chosen keywords are. They also show you how many times the keyword is written and if you need to increase or decrease the word’s use. 

SEMrush also tracks PPC, competitive research, content marketing and more. It can also integrate into Google Docs and WordPress. While it is not free, it is a vital tool for any writer or digital marketer. 


While Hootsuite is designed for social media management, writers can also take advantage of its tools. Social media promotion is a quick way for writers to drive traffic to their blog or website. 

Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple marketing campaigns at once, schedule posts and collaborate with teammates. If you use social media to promote your writing, Hootsuite helps you plan your campaign ahead of time so you can focus on making your writing perfect. 

Even if you do not focus on social media, you may work with social media managers who make content for the same clients. Ensure that you are staying in line with brand guidelines and keywords by collaborating with Hootsuite. 


Don’t you cringe when you see the words “important” and “really” in an article or blog? Luckily, a trusty thesaurus is a fantastic tool for coming up with the right words to use. Using a thesaurus also helps with sales and SEO, as it helps you find the perfect words to match your sales techniques. 

Every writer has words they prefer and may even overuse them. If you find yourself re-using the same words, a thesaurus helps you find synonyms and alternatives. 


Plagiarizing content is a BIG no-no when it comes to copywriting. Providing original content is essential for your reputation, your clients’ reputations and your user engagement. Nowadays, you can even face penalties from Google for plagiarizing. To avoid any confusion, it is best to run each article you write through a plagiarism checker like Copyscape

Copyscape has been around for ages and is incredibly user friendly. It compares your work with millions of online documents to ensure your work is original and your sources are cited correctly. Copyscape offers free and paid versions and is fairly inexpensive. 

Headline Analyzer

The headline of your copy is the user’s first impression of your work. An effective headline determines whether or not a user clicks on your article. There are lots of different headline analyzers out there, including one from Advanced Marketing Institute, which explains how readable your headline is as well as how relatable it is to users. 

Google Drive/Docs

Are you tired of paying for a Microsoft Office subscription? Google Drive is completely free with your Google account and gives you access to everything you need for writing, organizing files, making spreadsheets and collaborating with others. 

Write your copy in Google Docs, which is essentially the same type of program as Microsoft Word. Share documents with anyone you want and easily organize your writing orders in designated folders. Google drive increases sharability too, as you can download your files under any format, including Word, .PDF and .HTML to name a few. 


If you find yourself lost in your work or have trouble multitasking, Pomodoro is the tool for you. Keep track of your time by starting a timer while you work. Add tasks to a to-do list to keep yourself organized and incorporate breaks to give your brain a break. Pomodoro is only $1.99 in the App Store and is compatible with Apple and PC products. 


BuzzSumo is the perfect tool for helping you get past writer’s block. It is a content analysis tool that allows you to research industry-specific content to see which topics are trending. Utilizing this tool will not only help you figure out your next blog idea but also help with keyword research and user engagement. Their monthly fees are somewhat expensive, but they do offer a 30-day free trial. 


Do you work with a team of writers or have multiple clients? Organizational platforms like Trello are perfect for the disorganized copywriter. Trello provides “boards”, where you can create to-do lists, organize your current projects and set due dates. Trello is a great way for writers to share and collaborate with clients, as clients can be given access to your boards too. 

They also have a calendar feature so you can schedule publishing times and see what your colleagues are working on. Trello is free to use and offers paid plans for businesses with more employees. 

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